[EU/NA] The Gentleman's Colonial State Militia (GCSM)

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'The Gentleman's Colonial State Militia', commonly just called the 'Colonial Militia' in-game, is a semi-organised group of public players whom have joined into a player confederation for mutual defense.​

This group is not for those who are looking for a serious, regimental and uniformed style of play. This gathering is exclusively for those who are more comfortable fighting as an individual rather than in a unit or regiment, and for those whom prefer fighting rather than taking orders in any substantial way.​

Colonel Lightning, lover of men and despiser of women

Captain Vitallion, bane of the British, maker of muskets and drinker of ale

Militiaman Moose
Militiaman Coon
Militiaman Blackwood
Militiaman Momchilo
Militiaman Alex
Militiaman Deus
Militiaman Shyguy (conscript)
Militiaman Jordan (conscript)
Militiaman Superstes (conscript)

Great Wars

Date: 26/03/17
Factions: GCSM/Pubs (11)+ 13Col (4) vs 40th (17)
Result: GCSM/Pubs + 13Col Victory
Aftermath: Fort East Point Sacked

- Colonel Lightning
- Captain Vitallion
- Militiaman Moose
- Militiaman Blackwood
- Militiaman Alex
- Militiaman Deus

- Brief Skirmish erupts at native facing side gate at Colonial Settlement between three 40th Dragoons and two GCSM members, resulting in the death of two 40th members.
- War is declared a while after by the GCSM, using the skirmish as Cassus Belli.
- The 13Col declare on the 40th, using alliance as Cassus Belli.
- GCSM hire outlaws to harass 40th forces.
- Internal strife leads to several 40th members deserting and swapping sides.
- GCSM members advance past Native Camp encountering no resistance, but encounter mounted dragoons in the swamp.
- Skirmish in swamp leads to multiple casualties on both sides.
- 40th Infantry forces push into swampland, forcing GCSM and public forces to retreat to Colonial Bridge.
- GCSM and public players armed with rifles positioned at head of bridge and in near by mountains inflict casualties to 40th members as they attempt to cross Colonial Bridge.
- 40th Infantry repulse attack and regroup at Indian side of Colonial Bridge.
- 40th members cross bridge, sustaining multiple casualties.
- 13Col members arrive in Colonial via ship.
- Large 40th attack on Colonial defeated, 40th sustain complete casualties.
- 40th drop members after failed assault.
- 13Col and GCSM push through marshes to East Point Bridge.
- GCSM, 13Col and Outlaws make sustained assault on East Point.
- 40th drop to 3 people.
- East Point doors breached, East Point sacked and looted.
- Peace declared.