Economy Changes with 1.8 and onwards

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The ebb and flow of supply and demand needs to be external to workshops or too large to move for the workshops themselves.

I would go one step ahead to claim this is an issue beyond workshops. Even as a player. You sell 1 jewelry and price drops 10% if you are lucky. The trade currently is either catching crazy momentary deals or just trading horses.


Horses are still the best trade. Just go to Azerai lands, buy them in those deep-in-desert towns (Hubyar? smtg with I.... and A....) and sell them on the coast (Quayaz, Sanala). I sure misspell those names cause even after 1000+ hours in game they are unmemorable for me. In fact almost all calradia language is unmemorable for me. Its like alien language 😁 )
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