Dynamic Clans, Relations(Discriminations), and Power Struggle

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Clans in warband and bannerlord are the same, stagnant. Makes it quite obvious for players to go for the higher tier clans, but if clans were to rise and fall in tiers, WELL THEN GOOD SIR!
Investing in a low tier clan with friendlier(friendly because open to opportunities) and less requirements(less influence to call upon arms, it can also be expanded).
Relation to Raganvad(low tier clan) is 50 but Player/Clan is lower tier so it boost by xx relation to all lower tier clans(small boost depending on the clan tier)

While higher tier clans have more requirements( must have xxxxx influence and high clan tier) to be even worth considered as a close friend. Neutral or disagreed on players/other lower tier clans.
Relation to Ragnar(high tier clan) is 50 but Player/Clan is lower tier so it doesn't go above 25(depending on the clan tier)

All this could also depends on their traits
This works well with your new clan creation feature! Thank you bannerlord for such a feature but only tier 2(you can also increase the appointed companion clan tier, depending on relationship or how long have they been in player clan)? Also everyone has the same relationship in the same clan?

Each clans can also spawn higher tier troops to lower tier troops depending on the clan tiers.
If a clan loses a battle, failed a quest or failed to hold there new given fief. They loss renown and vice versa(if Success)

Could also open possibilities to civil war when two or more clans reach TIER 6! for Balance purposes but mostly immersion so no snowballing that much(player is given a choice to increase his clan tier to 6 or there can be a renown decay or decrease system) Or IF A KING OR QUEEN DIES tier 5 clans MAY cause civil war!!!!
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