1. Suggestion: king abitities

    I would to suggest that if you become an indipendent kingdom you automatically get the ability to trade cities and settlements as the high level trade perk even if you haven't reached it Hope can be interesting
  2. Need More Info King of Northern Empire Dies - Elected me, new level 2 clan, as king

    The northern empire king died shortly after I joined the Northern Empire. They then elected me king to my surprise. I don't think that it is supposed to happen. Some of the conversations talk about me being in a civil war which is not the case.
  3. CrazyElf

    When wearing civilian clothing, all of the faction leaders should have a crown and players should automatically get a crown when starting a kingdom

    All of the top leaders of each faction should have a crown of some sort. This should be used to signify their rank. This should be different for each culture. Queens should also arguably have a crown as well, although perhaps not as significant. Arguably faction leaders should have something...
  4. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Clan banner and 7 Knightly Virtues (COMPLETE STORYLINE)

    Type of quest: big and rather linear quest for the early game Why to implement: after completion you get to choose a symbol for your clan banner. Currently there is no story behind the player's banner. Quest requirement: After starting a new campaign, the player does not have a clan banner. The...
  5. Var olan krallığın başına geçmek

    Var olan krallığın kralı olabiliyor muyuz? Mesela ben Monchug'u öldürüp yerine geçmek istiyorum. Khuzaitlerin kralı olmak istiyorum. Oyunda öyle bir imkan var mı?
  6. Be a real king!

    Hello everyone, your game rocks. Since I can be a king I'm missing a few things. I would like a crown for my civilian and combat outfit and the NPC should address me accordingly and maybe bow down or something. I want to feel like a king too. Unfortunately I can never understand why some people...
  7. Any WFaS mods that can make me a ruler of my own kingdom?

    Hey guys, long time player, first time poster. I really love the gun mechanics of WFaS but sadly, not being able to be king like in Warband really sucks. So far, I've only spotted this mod: but I'm not even sure if you can...
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