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The Defenders of Faith was founded on the
28th of February 2010, by William, Darin, and Dante.
It is one of the oldest, active clans in the M&B community,
consisting of people from all around the world.
Having a variety of cultural backgrounds, we value
open-minded and accepting people, and always strive
to respect everyone – no matter the faith, age,
or the political viewpoints.

We have hosted, organised, and participated in
several Mount & Blade: Warband tournaments,
always trying to keep both the competitive and
the casual scenes enjoyable (including the very
special, custom “Javby” contest!).
In addition, we have been perceived as one of the
friendliest and welcoming clans over the years.
Naturally, we plan to carry our legacy and continue
sharing an amazing atmosphere in Bannerlord!
We always kept our heads held high and proud even
in the toughest of situations.

We remain Loyal to ourselves and our DoF Way!
This is who We are.
This is what We stand for.
We are The Defenders of Faith!

We are Recruiting!

To join, you must apply through our Discord bot here
- either directly use the "!apply" command,
or learn more about the available options by typing "!help".
However, before applying check out what we

Ask of our members:
  • Be polite and respect everyone
  • Avoid trolling or doing anything which could
    harm the clan’s reputation
  • When it is needed be serious and focused in events
  • Be loyal! Dual clanning is forbidden!
  • And the most important:
    Be yourself, feel at home within the clan
    and have fun spending free time with us
Offer our members:
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Active community, full of versatile people
  • Casual and competitive events on regular basis
    (NA and EU)
  • Tournaments with guaranteed participation,
    led by Mount&Blade veterans
  • Personal development through learning about
    cultures, languages, or other areas such as
    website development or coding

DoF Site: Here
Public Discord: Here
Private Steam group: Here
Public Steam group: Here
Twitter Page: @DoFGaming
Twitch channel: DoF_tv
TS3 Address: azure.simrai.com:9994

Game servers:
soon (tm)

Steam groups:

soon (tm)

Competitive BL Tournaments History:
soon (prolly not tbh)

-Full roster in written form-

-Roster images (click on them for full size)-
you can also find them in the 2nd post

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So many clans form and disband. I love the fact that DoF is an integral part of the community. Warband has a history of clans and teams. The teams did not impress me much, as anyone can group together stellar players and win a match. Let's take a good player from this clan, a good player from that clan, so on and so on, rinse and repeat, until we have an all star team. Dof has an Identity that I respect. Integrity.

Great to see you guys again!


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20th edition of our weekly blog is out, this time we interviewed one of our star players Ganni!

Also, our discord is open to public now, so friendly people are more than welcome to join it: https://discordapp.com/invite/BRRfqqZ