1. Galdr


  2. Greedalicious

    Greedalicious's Competitive Commentating topic

    Hello there everyone I'm Greedalicious. Some of you might know me from Warband where I commentated pretty actively, including the Battle of Bucharest LAN event hosted by Taleworld. Well after several years of waiting, we can finally stream competitive matches in Bannerlord aswell! The idea...
  3. TheCrusader5

    NA Matchmaking (MMR Based) For Skirmish + Captains

    An MMR-Based Matchmaking System for Skirmish & Captains After an extensive beta testing period we at Bannerlord Matchmaking have decided to fully launch our NA skirmish matchmaking bot. The bot is in its 1.0v phase and will be started off with a clean slate for everyone that played during the...
  4. Luvlymangos

    [NA] Bannerlord Skirmish Matchmaking

    A discord server pitting the best that NA has to offer in competitive 6v6 matchups How to join: Join the discord Register Enter the lobby and await a match What is this? In its simplest form, this is a way to organize 12 or more people into teams of 6 in a fair and...
  5. Company of the Golden Lions

    Company of the Golden Lions

    The Company of the Golden Lions are Recruiting! The Company of the Golden Lions (GLC) is recruiting in Mount and Blade II Bannerlord! We are a new clan and there is tons of room to grow. The GLC are a melee skill based clan that offers a Infantry, Guard, Skirmisher, and Cavalry company. All the...
  6. Remnant_Kaewyn

    The New Oceanic Bannerlord Community Discord!

    With the arrival of custom servers just on the horizon and the introduction of the OC_Battle server, the Oceanic Bannnerlord Community has returned in force. Newly created by the leaders of three of the most active clans in Oceania to be a place where the community can gather, interact and...
  7. AnFhile

    [WLL] Announcements

    Announcements Important announcements and information regarding the tournament will be made in this thread.
  8. AnFhile

    [WLL] Rules & Regulations

    Rules & Regulations Behaviour Rules Maturity and Respect (1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens lies not with one individual - it involves captains, players and referees. It is through discipline, control and...
  9. AnFhile

    [WLL] Tournament Administration

    Tournament Administration potesty Steam TaleWorlds RonnyJonny Steam TaleWorlds Roberto Italiano Steam TaleWorlds yami pirate Steam TaleWorlds
  10. AnFhile

    [WLL] Discussion & Suggestion Thread

    Discussion & Suggestion Thread Here is where you can discuss the tournament and anything related in a civilised, constructive and mature fashion. Also any suggestions in how to improve this tournament or future tournaments are more than welcome.
  11. AnFhile

    [WLL] Signups + Introduction

    Signup Info The signup deadline is Sunday 10/04/2022. There Roster will be a roster cap of 12 players to encourage the forming of more teams and discourage adding inactive players. A Free Agent thread will be set up separately for anyone seeking a team. Format Introduction The group stage of...
  12. [WLL] Warband Ladder League

    [WLL] Warband Ladder League

    This is an 8v8 Warband Tournament using a 5 week ladder format before a playoff in order to finally decide who is the best at hilt slashing.
  13. Hodor-

    Liens importants !

    Tous les liens liés au Championnat Francophone de Skirmish (CFS) : Discord : Youtube : Chaîne officielle de la Ligue Francophone de Skirmish. Les VODS des matchs du Championnat de Skirmish seront...
  14. Yokasta


    Im going to try not to be mainstream here...but battle mode sucks now a days, options are: warband unbalanced matchmaking or spiking turkish servers. So If ANY clan or person is interested in clan war BATTLE events...feel free to contact... We at AT clan are looking for active players or ppl...
  15. Ling*

    INT Captain Completed Captain's League Season 2

    Welcome Warriors of Calradia! After hosting several captain mode tournaments and events over the last year, we are proud to finally announce Season 2 of Captain's League. Most of what we do will be done on our official Discord, but we also have our Taleworlds forum group that we plan on keeping...
  16. Bjarkan

    Dueling: 1H vs 2H

    I was wondering what your opinion on dueling between 1H vs. 2H is. Do you think one of them has a clear advantage over the other (regardless of skill) ? I prefer fighting with a 2H sword as I like to have range and striking power and I've been using it since WB so I am just used to it. But I...
  17. Svenald

    [HB] House Brightfyre

    House Brightfyre [HB] has finally started events on Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord! For now, we play BL once a week on Thursdays at 8pm EST. As the game gets updated, we'll move additional parts of our schedule to the game! For right now, we spend the rest of our time on Warband playing...
  18. Neyth

    [THC] The High Council [EU] - Recruiting!

    About us Formerly known as the 1stTHC Regiment which was formed in 2016 as a clan for the Mod Bear Force II . We are a group of friends playing ever since together across a lot of mods and other games. Our ambitions are to have a good time with eachother and to grow as a community. We do...
  19. Roaming Cavalry Company

    Roaming Cavalry Company

    The RCC welcomes anyone who would like to be a part of our community. Please feel free to message one of the contacts provided if you are interested. We are hanging out together every night and you are welcome to join us. Unlike more regimented groups, the RCC does not force you to spend your...
  20. Valarr

    Hey Gamers, what do you actually like about Bannerlord multiplayer?

    I know I know "controversial" but what do people actually like about multiplayer. Please, im looking for well devised responses amidst all this crap being slung on the forums!
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