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Does operating caravans leveling up trade?

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Trade skill description says:
"Make profit from trading. Operate caravans."

It seems that I am not gaining trade experience at all if I am not trading and just running caravans in my clan.

Should it even work that way or trading is the only option to lvl up trade ?


That's true, right now you can't increase your trading skills by creating or managing a caravan. I hope that they will fix it soon because I don't know why it is so difficult to LVL up your trading skills when it's so easy to LVL up your steward or charm skills almost passively.


The companion you employ to run the caravan levels up in trade, but at this stage the player does not


I don't think TaleWorlds intends to let you level trading from just owning/running caravans without actually leading one (your party). Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I can safely say I don't like Bannerlord's character development system. IMO it's messy in regards to the utility of many skills. Some only make sense to clan leaders (some only make sense to faction leaders IIRC) and for that very same reason I feel like I'm wasting clan/faction leadership potential if I invest into anything else before, for example, Social (for Charm and Leadership) is maxed. I feel like there's only one way to develop my character and anything else is a waste of potential. The only true customization to me is in the choice of equipment, weapons and armor.
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