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No, I didn't use any mods.
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I started with the error, but I'm also getting this with civ6 and humankind now, so maybe it's a dying gpu rather than Bannerlord?
damn. i hope not D: i just got this error in 1.7 :sad: i broke the walls from a town and tried to rush in with my horse . i thought that was the reason for the crash. please no dead gpu D:
Since i Buy Bannerlord i got never this error Message, but after this update im in the d3d Team :grin: ;(
So I see t2 many ppl are heaving problem with this d3d ****, as well as me and also I see TW team is doing nothing to help us!
This is shame they charged for the game 50e + and got so many crashes !!!
This is the worst game dev team out ther , Im gamer for 25years and never had a game that crashes this much !

This thread is opened last year can we get an update on how TW is going to fix this , we paid so we can play , fair and square, help us !!!!
TW is an amazing team, but I agree they need to fix this issue, it happened to me just today for some reason so I hope they can fix this issue :grin:
I am having the same problem after updating to 1.8.0
Any update on a fix?
There was a d3d fix for the older versions, and this works, i can confirm it for 1.7...
But that wont work for me in version 1.80 but you can try it anyways...
I know this is old but the bug seams to only happen to me when my nicehash mining is on, as soon as I turn it off, it works again
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