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Counsel Members NPCs for Throne Rooms

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Bannerlord has fantastic scenes that obviously had a lot of work put into them, but some of them go to waste because there is simply not much to interact with in most of them beside walking around and sometimes playing board games. The taverns and arenas have received a little bit of love but are the only places worth visiting in a settlement.

I would like to suggest adding an option to recruit counsel members once you reach the faction leader status. For example, Marshal, Steward, Spymaster, Priest etc...(I know, I'm a CK3 player). I envision either a flat rate to hire them or a monthly salary to keep them around. They would be quite expensive and a great gold sink to add to the late game. They would provide bonuses to the campaign and unique interactions when you talk to them. And, as an added bonus they would provide some more character and interaction to the player's throne room.

Just some ideas for interactions and bonuses:
- The Spymaster can give you up to date information on the location of a lord, help you discover people from afar for the encyclopedia, or provide negative modifiers to an enemy settlement (decrease of loyalty).
- The Marshal can provide bonus to your military in one way or another, providing morale, move speed, or speed up recruitment replenishment of the settlement
- The Steward would provide bonus to the settlement, increases taxes, increasing loyalty, decrease build time
- The Priest can help you gain positive traits and improve relations with a noble

This seems like a plausible addition (I know there are a few similar mods) in the bannerlord frame work and would improve the immersion factor to the lifeless scenes.
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