1. sh1ny4

    Resolved Invisible Wall in middle of the city - Iyakis

    Summary: Player and NPCs are blocked by an invisible object in Iyakis How to Reproduce: Visit Iyakis lvl2 in the market Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): video & location Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 GPU:RTX 2060 GPU Driver...
  2. In Progress Is there a game_entity limit for scenes?

    Summary: Hello, I must be first and foremost that this issue does involve mods as the issue never appears in the vanilla game. However, I am concerned that this might be a bug that simply is unnoticed due to the vanilla Main_map scene. In the process of updating new kingdom mods for 1.0.1...
  3. BL Coding How to create custom scripts to use in scene editor

    In the bannerlord scene editor you can add a script to an object. I was wondering how I could make my own script that I could then assign to an object in the scene editor to get a behavior I want. Im mainly looking to find out where I would need to store the script for it to show up in the...
  4. JustAnotherBambi

    Need More Info Game crashes every time i load into a scene e.g load into a battle, a village castle or town

    Summary: Every time i load into any scene, a battle, training area, town village or castle, take a walk around then my game will begin to load, freeze and then crash, I've tried scavenged the internet and cant seem to find any fix, i wont get a crash log pop up or anything it just goes to the...
  5. Bisoso1893

    WB Coding What do I have to edit in the game files to change a Town?

    A mod called "Crusader: Deus Vult" put cities like Jerusalem, Antioch, Acre and others in their game, but all of these have the same scenes as the Native mod, Jerusalem have the same scene as Praven and I wanna know what do I have to edit to make Jerusalem have the same scene as Shariz or...
  6. Worlok

    BL Scening Campaign Navmesh help needed

    Hi TaleWorlds, I am a part of the team of mod developers Europa ad Bellum - I am the developer of the campaign map. The map is almost complete at the moment however one gap keeps popping up... yes Navmesh. As soon as I try to customize the navmesh to...
  7. Make Cutscenes fullscreen

    The new 1.8 event Cutscene additions are fantastic but the small square makes it looks like a video and also makes the game seem.... amateur? or whatever the term is so make them fullscreen so it looks kewl
  8. NIN3

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Hey everyone! We have been hard at work to bring you some cool new content and balance changes with the upcoming patch 1.7.2.! All this is coming with 3 scenes for battle, one new scene for captain and 3 more for skirmish. Additionally there have been hundreds of adjustments to weapon and class...
  9. sinkpoint

    In Progress Crash a high number of world scene entities

    Summary: I encountered this crash while debugging for adding towns to the world scene with Calradia Expanded. I believe this points to some kind of bug in the game engine. The mod has a very high number of scene entities, and when adding more town game entities to the scene xml, loading the...
  10. Geobeetle

    Resolved 1.6.5 Scene Trees Not Solid

    Summary: Many of the trees in the following scene don't have collision. I only documented a few of them but there are more. How to Reproduce: Enter a battle in this area of the map. Run into some trees. Some don't stop you from going through them. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene...
  11. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding Adding NPC to scene

    Does anyone know how to add an NPC to a scene, or knows of a mod that does? for instance: a minister in the keep for you to talk to for policies minor clan recruiter who you can talk to for recruiting troops a trainer, who can train companions for a price and time
  12. Lornloth00

    tavern backgrounds for the quick talk in taverns

    Could there be tavern backgrounds for the quick talk screens for companions in taverns instead of the background being the castle interior background? Its not very immersive to see the companion in the castle interior instead of the tavern especially when they would not be welcomed in the castle...
  13. Grimmjow

    Balkon Sahnesi Neden Yok?

    Açıkçası bu konu hakkında Taleworlds ne düşünüyor bilmiyorum ama Balkon Sahnesi eklenmemesi şu esnada hazırlanan sahneleri ziyan eder. Bir şehre girdiğimizde tüm manzarayı seyretmek için bir tepe aramaktansa gidelim Lord'un Salonuna ve ordan balkona çıkıp izleyelim tüm şehri. Hatta rol yapmak...
  14. KratosMKII

    WB Coding Problem with doors in scenes

    I'm getting a bug in my mod where the prison door leads to the arena. Which file holds the code which defines where doors lead to? Or is it a scene thing?
  15. AlbertFaubrein

    How terrains work (scene)?

    Hello everyone, I would like to understand everything about the terrains in the Mount and Blade's engine (generation, vertex count, textures, water level...). I want to understand this to create a third party tool wich represents the terrain in 3d like in the game. Thanks for the support.
  16. Short_n_quick

    Need More Info [1.5.7 beta] Crash upon exiting scene in "Rival gang" quest

    I was just doing Rival gang quest, already in town, fighting with opposition, fainted, waited for completion of the fight (we won), then I pressed Tab and "Done" button. Then game crashed. I will upload closest save to this (probably it will be required to go to Dunglasys (in the save it is only...
  17. PeasantOP

    Worldmap scene matches with maps scene

    Fighting in an open area is fighting in an open area Explanation: I am a Sturgian lord fighting against vlandia between Caleus village and Nevyansk Castle, why is the scene populated with trees even though its an open area. Or even has or have many hills, swap, etc... When anyone fights near...
  18. Swordsman

    Need More Info Scene Editor Crashes on testing in editor

    2020-12-22_21.53.28_ebd919acc1eadc15cb1ecc673f20f72a After adding table and pillow assets(and some more decorative ones i guess), scene started crashing. It is hard to isolate because it looks like some weird combination of different numbers of pillows and tables causing it? Edit: After...
  19. How AI Tools Help Scene Creation

    PDF: The code will be provided after siggraph Asia conference, in december with a github repository, says the author. And this is just an example, I'm sure there are plenty more tools developers and modders can use, not only for...
  20. niekdegrijze

    Option to lock quick menu in early game

    personally I would like to have an option to lock the quick menu in the early stage. I find that I manage almost everything via the quick menu without opening the scene. This hinders the immersion and doesn't do justice to the development of the scene.. the unlocking of the quick menu could be...
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