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Cool additions that could be added to the game (suggestions and discussion)

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Hi all, thought it could be cool to suggest some additions that would be a cool touch to the game, not necessarily features that the devs would implement, but nevertheless they could be fun.

What about expansion of mercenaries where instead of belonging to one faction, lords could approach you with jobs and missions like to capture a lord or his family by raiding the keep, killing the guards and taking the lord as a hostage or freeing someone from a dungeon.

In sieges: Having the option (would have to be occasional) to duel the enemy commander. During the siege the defender leaves the castle and the attacker his army, and they duel while the defenders watch from the walls and the army from their camp- Like in the film troy, or maybe you could send a companion and watch them fight the enemy companion- maybe you lose and you decide to carry on the attack but you lose a lot of renown!

Improved festivals and celebrations for immersion - maybe you have to return to your capital for marriage and you have the option of walking through the streets which are lined up with people celebrating leading to the keep.

The option to play as bandits where you are able to rob lords and pillage castles.

Would be interested to hear if you guys had suggestions for features that could be added to the main game!
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