Companions in City´s, making them recruiters

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When you enter a village/catle you meet those NPC´s that if you make quest for them and improve the relation you get able to recruit more for your army.

Id like to be able to start (buisness, gangs) with my own companions

Like a companion with rogue, leadership, trade can setup a gang in the city which i can put some (maybe 10-15 troops) into

Gang - ill be able to sell items with less penalty to trading and i can recruit bandit troops - random gang wars which i can participate in ( like an alert for upcoming gangwar in a city with a 3-5 day eta. to start)

Merchant (with trading/charm/leadership) - Boost my caravan/workshop sell rate - able to recruit kingdom related - Gangs could try and steal from this merchant. Improving passive relation to other merchants, villagers, caravans

Villages : Could setup a companion to work in the fields and also here be able to put in some troops to work in the fields - Being able to recruit via. this option and to stash/sell what is farmed passively (going to main city markets once every week.) and have a chance to get over run by looters rival kingdoms.

Just some thought on how to improve the experience ^^


I like this idea. Would really like to see more gang implementation, also tavern more implementations what happened to buying a round for the city! Improve loyalty? It would be cool if your gang could extort or run rackets (possibly in taverns) within cities causing passive income with less risk and reward than caravans.
I like this idea.

Artisan - We can build a workshop - just giving passive income! There we should install a Stewardship/Smithing/Engeenering companion! He is competing with other artisans of the same art, cooperating with other artisans and merchants. Player selects what they produce as now

Merchant - We can install a compainion as caravan-leader. Instead we should set him/her up as a trader in City X. He is compeeting with other merchants and cooperating with artisans.

Bandit gang - Setting up a successfull bandit-gang in a town can bevery lucrative but also dangerous for both you reputation and the business itself. Gangs are rivaling both Merchants an Artisans and Competing with other gangs.

Village landowner - Setting up a farm. Install a landlord Stewardchip companion and and profit. Is competing with other landowners in the village. The farm produces

Cooperating - chanse of a minor growth in relation
Competing - chanse of a minor loss of relation
Rivaling - risk of major loss in relation

Each of them are much like the notables. They compete with the same rules as them. There is a cost to install them and maintain them. There is a income from their work depending on their power. when installed, they "steal" power from others notables of same type. They start at 50, taken from the other notables of same type, depending of their power. They offer low/no profit issues to improve their power. You can recruit from them, depending on their power. At "Realistic" recruitment, a power 50 companion has only first spot unlocked, offering a recruit.
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Well thought out. We'd need more companions to make it worth while.
Not really. Today we have multiple caravans, taking several companion slots. If you are lucky, they earn you gold. If you have the same number of "noteable companions" instead, and spend some time getting them on feet by solving their issues, you should earn more, as long as they and their hometowns prosper. Abit more time investment, abit less gold investment, abit less and more respondable risks. And income in relation to how successfull you manage to make him :smile:
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