Companion Party Leader: Assign Division and Captain Duty

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When assigning a companion to lead their own party, we have no control over their division (e.g. infantry, archer, cavalry, horse archer). It's particularly game breaking when forming an army.

I keep my companions in their own division so I can decide when they join the fray. It's absolutely essential to keep them alive. This is currently impossible when they lead their own party, because the division they were previously assigned is overridden by what seems to be their default. I can't equip them with a horse because they're automatically assigned to infantry, and break formation to charge ahead by themselves.

Furthermore, when leading an army, we should be able to assign captain duties in order to place the most appropriate party leader in charge of a division. And the aforementioned problem comes to light again, when a rider is made captain of infantry.

This seems like an exceedingly easy fix, so PLEASE, let us determine the division of companions and clan members (spouse, sibling, children) when they lead their own party, and let us determine what party leaders are made captains of what divisions. This simple but fatal problem is ruining battles for me.
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