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Can't join Ludus - Need urgent help! Willing to go the extra mile for it, if you catch my drift

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The Nutty Pig

Knight at Arms
I was enjoying my night dueling on The Ludus, when mid fight my game crashed. No problem I thought, I have been playing since beta, and as many long term fans know this game crashing is no surprise. Oh well I thought, as I booted the game back up and tried to rejoin my beloved Ludus as just then my heart stops. "Couldn't join server" my game tells me, "Couldn't join customer game Not all players are ready to join". Have the gods abandoned me? Is this some cosmic trick? I can join other lesser servers, mingle in with the unwashed masses, hope that I get in a good melee fight with someone before the swarm of flying, swinging, uncoordinated attacks rain down of me from an army of enemies.

I hope that I am not being over dramatic when I tell you that this is an issue of life and death. Well maybe not but act as it is please.

Any guidance, kind words, advice or wisdom in this time of need will be most welcome.
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