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Native Scene Replacement Pack.


This scene pack emerges as a solution to replace the boring and uncomplete Native town scenes with new, open, immersive and unitary ones. The design of the new scenes allows the player to experience the gameplay on a new level and make the scenes feel alive. The scenes in cause use the maximum terrain size, which allows the placement of full town environments. Currently, the Native module uses completly different scenes for walking around the streets and besieging. I don't really like that, and I intend to gradually replace them with new ones. I hope that this innovation will change your experience. You have to understand that this is a very big and complex project, and it will take a lot of time to complete.


  • Dozens of improved battle scenes that replace the randomized ones.
  • Realistic towns. One single scene for each town. You walk in and besiege the same scene.
  • The scenes are scaled to the maximum size (2 meter polygons).
  • Fully complatible with Warband's default resources (Native).
  • You don't need to install any graphical/flora mod to use this. It is also not recommended to use any.
  • All the interiors have been reshuffled and enhanced, and the arenas have been overhauled. Essentially, all the scenes that have to do with a town have been modified in one way or another.
  • The released scenes are fully ready to use and contain full AI meshes.
  • You don't spawn under the noses (walls) of your enemy. You and your troops spawn far from the town itself, so you can actually manage them.
  • The atmosphere of the town changes during sieges. For example, you can see boats landed on the beach.

Example screenshots:












Usage and conditions.

The Native Scene Replacement Pack is an OSP, thus, it can be used by anyone for any purpose. In order to use it in your mod, you just need to give credits, without having to request for permission.


Follow the guidelines provided with the download link.

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That's ambitious.

Here's hoping you succeed, improved scenes would be great.

A few questions.

First, what are you using to adjust the scenes to current center prosperity? Barrel script, props iterator or some other lib I'm not aware of?

Second, since you're at the starting stage of development, have you thought about tweaking the scenes to possibly support improved sieges and/or more advanced town visits? Multiple points of assault/reinforcements, fallback positions, breakable/openable gates/portcullis, traitor support (opening the gates or a side door for invaders), guards patrolling streets/walls during normal visits, markers for town doors to facilitate more meaningful movement and entering/leaving by town walkers, possible scripted animation markers (ripoff from Skyrim intended) etc. I'm pretty sure support for these features could be implemented while maintaining full compatibility with vanilla sieges, though would obviously require some extra planning.
As of now, I'm just focusing on scenes, but the change of proportions has already improved the sieges greately. Also, I can barely code. You can install the existing towns and siege one, then see the improvements. :wink:
Here's some progress at Tihr.




I think I'll remove those mountains. I don't really like the effect. Instead, I have some better ideas. The terrain in front of the town will be relatively plain, but rugged. Let's see how this one turns out.
Cozur said:
I think those mountains look bloody amazing.

As unique terrain forms, they do, but combined with the town it is a little bit weird, especially when you look from the player's perspective. It was more of an experiment of what it would look like. Don't worry, my other concept will have a better effect in the final result. :smile:


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Great job with this. Already looks great, and the game could really use this, as it does get rather repetitive to siege the same scenes over and over again.

Will you only replace towns? Or will you advance to castles and villages later on? The title is called "Native Scene Replacement" but you only speak of towns, so just wondering.
It's just about towns. I chose them because in Native, the towns aren't integral scenes; they're some incomplete dummies and the sieges are totally boring, unrealistic and repetitive. I want the player to feel that he is fighting for a very important location which he can proudly own. When I first play-tested my scenes, I have finally had that feeling.


Love the nord towns! Its just like its supposed to be, long houses with earth walls around! Like the vikings themselves!  :mrgreen:
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