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Friendly reminder that orders are due later this week. Specifically, Saturday, February 8th, at Midnight PST (GMT-8 )
If you have questions for me or diplomacy to do, this is the week to do it!


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Factually incorrect!


The New Fire ceremony ushers in a new year. The sun rises on the year 12 Rabbit by the Mexica reckoning - and brings to an end the nemontemi, the five useless days. The gods have chosen to spare us for yet another cycle.

The stars are clear - this will be a troublesome time for many, and a glorious one for others. The destinies of whole nations and peoples are at stake.

Orders are locked!

Anyway time to play ball.
In the 12 Rabbit Ballgame tournament!
In last place, Tzintzuntzan (Curio) scored 47!
Pushing just ahead is Acalan-Tixchel (Titan) with 50!
Chactemal (Crimson) put up a modest show with 79!
Cholollan (Joe) performed respectably with 90!
Yax Mutal (Alma) gave a surprisingly good turnout of 115!
Kiche (Arch3r) formed a team together with their vassals, Iximche, and were among the most skilled teams and have earned hordes of rabid fans with 117!
And the winner is Tlaxcallan (Fred) with an impressive 124!
The next tournament will be hosted in Tizatlan, capital of Tlaxcallan.

Also in addition, Tayasal Itza (Monty) has elected to attend the championship but not play, instead contributing to the prize pool - but not for the winner, but the most popular player, which ended up being Kiche (Arch3r).


Some unfortunate news also. Moose has decided to drop out of the game. He was the major power of Za'achila.

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Congratulations Fred and Arch3r!
Hope you like the little bonus gift. I intend to continue this reward in future ballgames, tho the exact prize may vary.


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Irecha Tangaxuan Uanacaze of Tzintzuntzan wishes to congratulate the Tlaxcallans as the winners of the first edition of the Ballgame Championship.
We hope everyone has enjoyed the games, which is very likely because everyone performed better than us and we look forward to the next tournament, hosted in Tlaxcalla!
Before you leave the great city of Tzintzuntzan, stock up on snacks for the road, and get some souvenirs of this great event!
We also thank the ruler of Tayasal Itza for his contribution to the Ballgame sport. Our world is truly blessed with such benevolent rulers!
Cholollan wishes to extend its heartly congratulations to our dear neighbours and friends of Tlaxcala.

We also wish to announce an official non-agression pact between us and Tlaxcala. We hope to remain at peace with our neighbours for many more cycles to come; Cholollan desires peace and will refrain from engaging in agressive hostilities.

That does of course not mean that we'll let others push us around; we will defend our homes and interests against any agressors and barbarians that threaten us. For this end, I am proud to show you the brave defenders of our city, the Guards of the Tlachihualtepetl:

However I am sure that, as we all (or at least most of us Aztecs) are civilized people, there won't be a need of bloodshed.
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