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Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, is proud to publicly announce that he will make sure that a fair play prize will be awarded in the next ballgame contest. Acoliman will not directly partecipate to the said event, but its citizens will support (from Acoliman and in the ballcourt stands) the teams of Tzintzuntzan and Cholollan. May they be granted a great victory and may this game create peaceful and solid bonds between our peoples!
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With the welcome support of Acoliman, the team is Tzintzuntzan will surely deliver a better performance in the next ballgame! ofc we could hardly deliver a worse performance but shhhh!

We thank Retamayooho Na Dehe for this kind gesture!
Remember, kids, tribute day is coming up and if you don't want the Mesoamerican Internal Revenue Service burning your home to collect what you owe, better pay up early! Also accepting advance payments for the following turn. The Mesoamerican Internal Revenue Service recommends setting aside three turns worth of tribute for the Mesoamerican Internal Revenue Service and maybe skipping that 5 tribute horchata in the morning if you can't make ends meet.
Just posting to confirm, Ev here is "playing" as the Carib/Miskito pirates and coastal raiders in the eastern side of the map.

Also, a patch regarding characters has been implemented in the doc and will be displayed properly on your cards by Monday. A quick summary:

It's gonna be 10 Prestige to appoint/promote people from now on. (Before it was basically free) If you already did this for turn 0 don't worry about it. It does not require an action to appoint/promote. But in your order to do this please specify what qualities you're looking for in that character, what segment of society you want them to come from, and if you care what ethnicity they are.

There is a character limit, determined by your Government Type (see 'Court' on your card) and your Palace level.
Chiefdoms and hereditary monarchies have a limit of 3
Elective monarchies and oligarchies have a limit of 4
Senatorial republic has a limit of 5
(Note: Characters a part of your dynasty do not count for this limit. you can have as many kiddos as you want.)

... and Palace tiers 1, 3, and 5 give +1 to the limit. Note that republics cannot build palaces.
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To the Kan Ek and Halach Uinik (if he can really be called a "True Man", after this betrayal) of the Itza and Chactemal,

We met in trust and good confidence, and with your word we had agreed on the division of the territories of the vanquished K'owoj and the kingdom of Dzuliunicob, which would provide Tikal with access to the sea. And yet, when our blood was spilled and our warriors victorious after many shared trials, what do we find? That our erstwhile "friends" have conspired behind my back and made their own arrangements for the division of the spoils, and greedily claimed the entirety of the coast for themselves while leaving their compatriots denied and blocked off from the sole goal of Tikal's participation.

On top of this, the Halach Uinik has added insult to injury, and in Tikal's attempts to diplomatically redress this apparent oversight he has not only bluntly rejected all attempts at diplomatic settlement, but has demanded that Tikal pay for the fortification of Chactemal's borders with ourselves. We shall not pay for this wall for this unnaturally yellow-tinged leader, and we hereby condemn Chactemal and its haughty disrespect. Likewise, the Itza of Tayasal were our enemies before when they barged into our lands following their expulsion from Mayapaan, and should they continue their course of action, we may well be so again.

So warns the Ix Ajaw of Tuumben Mutal; heed her word, or rue the day you ignored it.

-Waxak Ts'unu'uno' K’awiil (8 Lightning Hummingbird) of Tuumben Mutal, Beloved of Ajaw Itzamna
and here i thought we could become friends.

we itza reject these pitiful accusations and declare that you got as much land as your pitiful contribution deserved.
be glad our response to your holding back your strength and only sending a token force to assist us was not stronger.
Public announcement from Cholollan


The light of the Morning Star announces a new day; the wisdom and grace of Quetzalcoatl brings forth a new era for this world, and gives hope and life to the people that lives in darkness and frees its slaves from their bounds.
Through His blessings, we prosper, and through His blood we have been given life. It is indeed His blood that brings us salvation, rather than the blood of human sacrifices, which He rejects.
Because of this, we have ceased all human sacrifices in Cholollan, for we trust in Quetzalcoatl, patron of our city and of all humankind; and we have not suffered the wrath of the Gods, as many feared. Instead, our people prosper and our wealth grows ever greater! We have received great omens regarding the future of our own dynasty, too; Quetzalcoatl surely approves of our rejection of human sacrifices.

As holiest city in the known world, we have been burdened with great responsebility by Quetzalcoatl; to show the world His mercy and wisdom. Thus I ask you, brothers and sisters, Aztecs, Maya, Mixtecs and others, let Quetzalcoatl's light shine upon your people; cast off the yoke of the human sacrifices, and join us in enjoying His blessings!


I wish to thank Retamayooho Na Dehe for his support and kind words of encouragement; we may be quite far from eachother, but we consider you a valuable friend.

I wish to congratulate Cavujancha with the birth of his first son; may Quetzalcoatl bless him with His wisdom.

We have been deeply disturbed by the atrocities commited by the army of K'iche, and pray that no further bloodshed will take place.
On behalf of the people of Chactemal to 8 Lightning Hummingbird:

You are just mad that you didn't have the spine enough to stand up for your claim with your over-zealous ally, and did not effectively communicate. The fact remains that the two of your realms owe a debt to Chactemal's armies. Chactemal did not take any territory beyond what it claimed in good confidence, and the fault lies largely upon the Itza for grasping more land than it was warranted.

In short, Chactemal did nothing wrong, you're fluffing your feathers up like an attention starved macaw and making noise like a howler monkey over something you could've prevented.

Talk to us when you have sorted out your petty dispute with the Itza and not a moment sooner.

-Regards, KING Pawatuun Kan.
1) I'm straight up having a good time bro, and 2)... I did not know that. Oh well.

For real tho, if you guys are up for it, I now have time to join back in if you didn't replace me already:iamamoron:
Doomykins (Ndachjian) is the only player who was unable to submit orders today, which is nonetheless a very impressive turnout especially considering last turn also had 100%. In all my years of hosting these games I have never had every single player do orders two turns in a row. In any case as he has promised to have them in by tomorrow (and is more than halfway done already by his count) I will be making an exception to my rule of hard deadlines as it is awesome to have 100% orders submission from all players, and if I'm going to get orders from him anyway I would much prefer they be submitted via the tool rather than through PM or something, which is just a pain in the ass. also he gave me $100 when the bop started and its the least i can do

So orders will remain open for one extra day. Feel free to do any touchups on your orders or refine them a little bit.

The years draw to a close, and the Tepaneca Wars continue to embattle the city-states of Anahuac. Blood will soak these fertile fields once more as the Triple Alliance marches against the "Tepanec" coalition, with Teotihuacan at its head. Regardless of the outcome, these next few campaigns will prove decisive in the Valley, and all Central Mexico watches to see who will be the new Hegemon of Anahuac...

Orders are locked!

Anyway time to play ball.
In the 3 Rabbit Ballgame tournament!
In last place, Cholollan (Joe) scored 46... is this a bad omen?
Bringing back a blast from the past, the Teotihuacanos (IacobusCaesar) outpaces those Cholutecas with 63!
Pushing just ahead is the Zacatecas of Tlacuitlapan from the far north! (Teo) after being told the rules they managed 66!
Weathered from their long journey from the distant reaches of the known world, the Pipiles of Kushkatan (ThesaurusRex) were nonetheless well-trained and scored 78!
Disappointing her hard-won fans during the games in Tzintzuntzan, Tuumben Mutal (Alma) has scored 79!
Actually bothering to participate this time the Itzas of Tayasal (Monty) gave their first show with 85!
The Huastecs show their face in Central Mexico, hailing from Ozuluama (Ryry) and accorded themselves well with 93!
Redeeming themselves from the embarrassment of the previous tournament, Tzintzuntzan (Curio) boasts 94!
Neck-and-neck with the former hosts, the Tlaxcaltecs performed respectably at 95!
Eager to show these highlanders how to properly play the sport, the Totonacs of Cempoallan (moe) surge ahead with 129! Returning once again from the highlands of Guatemala, the Mayas of K'iche (Arch3r) demonstrate their renowned skill in the games with 131.
In a surprise cameo from the poster-child of tyranny in Mesoamerica the Cocoms of the Yucatan (Draorn) did remarkably well, scoring 134.
In a turn-around upset that, as before, could only be the meddling of the god of games Macuilxochitl, the Chontal Mayas of Tixchel (Titan) dominated the tournament with 135, despite everyone constantly accusing them of being hooligans, the Tixchel-Cocom finals being the most heated ballgame match of this whole calendar round.
Acalan-Tixchel (Titantoe) is the winner! Next turn's games will be held in Tixchel.


The Cocoms watch helplessly as the Tixchel Crocodiles score the final - and decisive - point of the tournament, securing the win

Tayasal Itza (Monty), aside from actually playing this time, has also elected to contribute to the prize pool - as last time, not for the winner, but the most popular player, which continued to be Kiche (Arch3r).

Acoliman (Dago) did not participate in the games but also chose to contribute to the prize pool, granting a reward to the team who was seen to have the best sportsmanship and courtesy, following the rules and respecting other teams. Of all teams it was the home team, the Tizatlan Cranes, that were the most courteous when dealing with players who had come from afar and distant lands and not having the dismissive attitude of the Totonacs or Cholutecas. In addition to the monetary prize, Acoliman's exalted craftsmen provided to the Tlaxcaltecs one of their own, a bronze statuette interladen with precious gems in the shape of a Crane, with claws of obsidian. How could the Tlaxcaltecs refuse such a beautiful gift?
Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, is more than happy to express his congratulations to the eminent host of the ballgame and his ballgame team. We were more than glad to attend such contest and we really hope that our gifts and our prizes will be appreciated.

Nevertheless, the outcome of the ballgame is quite worrying and displeasing. The defeat of our friends from Cholollan is really saddening. Next time we will make sure to cheer them harder. Moreover, our king is really concerned for the setting of the next ballgame. Therefore he would like to create a joint West and Central Mexican ballgame delegation. If we travel together, we could be sure to arrive safely to the land of the esteemed Maya.
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