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Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
To the Prince Yaztachimal of Cholollan,

We apologize for the delay: messages take a long time to travel to the Mayab from such far-off lands. We greet the new day! For 8 Hummingbird is happy to report, and prevailing on the good humor of our fellow lords and ladies of the Mayab and Cemanahuac, that with only a slight degree of inebriation, we have successfully liberated the Idols of Cacaxtla from the grips of the blasphemers of Cholollan! After a somewhat hectic night that involved only a small amount of pulque, the gods of the Maya have been returned home to their people where they belong, whereas in Cholollan, our gods were starved of the life-waters of proper sacrifice, mistreated by Nahuatl priests, and neglected the proper respect due to the divines. Let all recall the wise words Wey Taketzani Tilputunki of Kushkatan, in his condemnation of the heretical practices of the incense-perfumed priests of Cholollan, that which deserves the stone and the stick, and remember the wisdom of his speech before us all at Tlaxcallan.

8 Hummingbird thus proclaims she has rescued these idols as an act righteous and dutiful to the gods, even while drunk and only somewhat unplanned (this is nothing less than divine inspiration!), and our idols are now being delivered further onwards into safer hands. In more serious terms, we do regret the loss of life among the guards of the shrine, as none was intended in our liberation of our idols, and shall send compensation in tribute to Cholollan to resolve this spilling of blood. We caution that any further escalation however will only bring not only futile loss and grief, but warn that Cholollan risks the wrath of the gods on their city if they act in pride and raises their hand against holy Tikal. Their displeasure with Cholollan is already evident for all to see in the disfavor shown on their ballplayers in the Championships at Tlaxcallan. Let the lord of the Tollan not compound misfortune with disaster. The eyes and favor of the gods are upon our city, as are our friends: it is not wise to risk their anger. Consider yourself warned.


Praise to the gods,
Ix K’uhul Ajaw Waxak Ts’unu’uno’ K’awiil, Queen of Tuumben Mutal, not the Itza

Captured Joe

Your sudden concern with our religious practices is quite surprising to us, considering you seemed completely fine with what we were doing when you asked for our hospitality. But maybe our pulque has been too strong for you foreigners, since it apparently resulted in a completely unexpected urge to carry out a theft that was as ruthless and thorough in execution as it was rapid in escape!

In all seriousness though, the brutal efficiency of this raid shows that it was not a spontaneous act of piety. You claim holiness, yet you defile shrines to Mayan Gods; you claim righteousness, but you betrayed our trust and rewarded our hospitality with violent theft; you claim strenght, but you use treasonous subterfuge to take from small Cholollan. How can you claim the favor of the Gods when you cynically use them to justify your terrible crimes against both them and us?

So, since you obviously can't be persuaded to return the idols peacefully, we are unfortunately forced to take military action. But, just as you warned me, I must do likewise: You are leading your people to ruin. You aggrieve your Gods far worse than us; their punishment is already upon you, and you should be taking steps to alleviate their wrath rather than increase it.

There is one more matter I need to adress here for all of you, though: The supposed offense done to the Gods by me. In truth, I should have adressed this a long time ago, but at the time I did not see things as clearly as I do now, by the grace of the Gods. So, let me explain:

Back during 12 Rabbit, I resolved to end all human sacrifices to Quetzalcoatl, since, as is well known, He neither needs nor wants human hearts. In my orders I emphatically mentioned several times that this measure only applied to the sacrifices to Quetzalcoatl; I still have the official documents as proof. But, when I issued this command, all my bureaucrats, tlamatinime and priests could only hear and read: "Abolish ALL sacrifices"! And so it happened, as you are doubtlessly aware. I was as astonished at this as you and everyone else; with fear in my heart I expected the wrath of the Gods and the people to come down on me... but nothing happened.

My friends, we are the servants of the Gods and They guide our hands; not in a vague and deceptive way, as in a drunken pulque-fuelled haze, but with acts like these. I have no other explanation than that Quetzalcoatl himself intervened; this should be a humbling experience for any tlatoani... but, as I said, I did not see things clearly at the time: my eyes were blinded with pride. I began to think that it was ME who did this great and terrible thing! And, at the time, good fortune and omens indicated the approval of our Protector with the abolition of human sacrifices. But now I have been humbled by recent events, both good and bad. For, even as calamity strikes, I can see how we have been unwittingly prepared for this crisis by the Wisdom of Quetzalcoatl. His hand guides and protects us, and I once more humbly submit to His will.


Hey guys it seems like a bad time for a lot of people, among those people is me, so I'm planning a deadline extension. I'll announce the new deadline after this one passes, but it'll probably be anywhere between 4 and 7 extra days. I know I know, I said before there'd be no extensions in this bop, but who could have anticipated 2020 :razz: and much to my pleasant surprise we've had two turns with 100% order submission anyway, so I'm not too worried about it.


Hello friends, orders are locked! Pretty decent turnout, but a handful of skips, unfortunately.

I also have to announce for the rest of you who aren't in discord that I'm migrating this game over to Sufficient Velocity. Yes I did consult people first. Thread linked here. The reasons for this are many, but can basically be summed up as dissatisfaction with Taleworlds as a community and even just from a pure functionality standpoint. And frankly, after trying out SV for scarcely even two days and being just blown away at what we've been missing out on by keeping my BoP here on TW, I can solidly say I have no reservations about this decision. ... Especially now that, apparently, the thread for the game has been stickied after being given an official welcome and recognition by staff. Like that's pretty cool, gotta say.

So, yeah, from now on, go there. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
Yeah. This place has turned into an absolutely unusable, unbearable travesty of a cesspool. And I'm kinda glad to see bop moving so I no longer have anything at all keeping me here.
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