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As someone who owns a beard in real life I find it really sad that some armours now make the large beard a small 3 day stubble beard. Basically what happens with some armours is that you to this

and this was my beard normally, without that armour

This happens with the following classes:
it goes for: empire recruit, heavy archer and legionary.
Battania: oathsworn
Vlandia: voulgier
Aserai: guard


Yes i was about to make a new thread about this! I want my beard back in all units!
Also vlandia arbelist lost his beard but the sharpshooter has it :xf-cry:
Please fix this bug


We are looking into it.
Its not really a bug. What we do is, we restrcit some beards to be used with certain helmets, otherwise they would poke through. Well try to find a better short beard to be representing the full beards


@NIN3 I am fine with this being a temporary thing for the time being, while you work on a permanent solution. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont make the beard shorter than it should be. Selecting a beard and then getting only half of it really sucks, it should be the same beard. I am sure that somehow you can make it fit I've seen developers do this in Deeprock Galactic too. They had this a temp. solution and the end result was amazing. You can look it up if you want, it should be possible :wink:
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