New Captain League - The League of the Holy Grail

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Hey@all !
I'm trying to start a new captain league.

In reference to the current world situation, I want to clarify that this league is intended to promote peaceful understanding among peoples and religions.

Preliminary rules and game play!

The Captain League of the Holy Grail is about the conquest and possession of the Grail.
It is played with the current version of Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Captain. The server config is provided in the channel server.
Two teams compete against each other.
Team Baldwin IV and Team Saladin.

Team Baldwin IV has the following nations to choose from:
Empire - Khuzait - Vlandia

Team Saladin has the following nations to choose from:
Sturgia - Battania - Aserai

Then 3 games are played on the same map with the same nation. (To learn how to play Captain properly and to make the most of all the possibilities that a culture has!)
Game 1 = 3:2 for Team Saladin
Game 2 = 3:0 for Team Baldwin IV
Game 3 = 3:1 for Team Saladin

So Team Saladin gets 2 points and Team Baldwin IV gets 1 point.

To conquer and own the Grail you need 25 Points are collected.
If the Grail is in the hands of one main-team, the opposing main- team must recapture it in the next league round.
From the 4 available maps, each map will be played with all cultures before moving on to the next map.

Vlandia vs. Battania

Empire vs. Sturgia

Khuzait vs. Aserai

**Only these cultures will face each other in the league.**

Event schedule!
The players gather in Discord! Watch out! A player does not have to be in the voice channel to play! It is also enough to communicate in the game chat!
The servers will be restarted with the config and password.
Everyone enters the server and forms teams on the server. Once the teams are fixed, the server is restarted and the event begins.
The game then starts automatically after 10 minutes of warm-up.
After the first game, the server will then restart for the second game and the third game. After that the event is over.
If all goes well this should be done in 3-4 hours.

Of course there will also be prizes!

I would be happy if we got some exciting captain games with good teams.

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