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Resolved Audio issue Warband Series X

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In Mount and Blade: Warband, on Xbox Series X, the following sounds sound off:
1. NPC vocalizations.
2. Footsteps of horses and humans (on the simulated map, battle fields, arenas, cities and villages)
3. Horse breathing. (in battlefields, towns, arenas)
4. Destroyed targets (in training mode).

I haven’t tried every sound, like farmer or sea raider speech.
v1.030, as of 13 June 2023.
Thank you.
We don't support NPC vocalization on Warband. It is not a feature that is implemented to the game. But forwarded the issue to the QA team for other issues you've noted. Thank you for the report.
We checked it on retail xbox series x with 1.030 version. No problem with sounds were observed. We recommend that you can check sound volume options.
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