xbox series x

  1. Need More Info Game unplayable after update

    Summary: Xbox series x bannerlord 2 is unplayable due to game doing several things. Randomly removing cursor in menus, locking LT during battles and making menu tabs inaccessible. How to Reproduce: unsure what triggers these issues. When it comes to the menu bug it happens when I go into a town...
  2. Module Mismatch

    Nachdem ich da neue Update heruntergeladen habe, konnte ich meine alten Spielstände nicht mehr laden, weil das Spiel danach immer beim Laden crashed. Gibt da mittlerweile eine Lösung. Ich spiele auf der Xbos series X.
  3. unrealistic - owning fief without associated with a kingdom

    Summary: you can own a fief as a mercenary and cannot be attacked unless instigated, unrealistic game mechanics should be the most difficult and constantly attacked while owning a fief and not being apart of a faction. How to Reproduce: overthrow rebels Have you used cheats and if so which...
  4. Need More Info Xbox series X - crash at load screen when joining a siege 50%

    Summary: How to Reproduce: join siege Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: Xbox series X OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  5. Need More Info Xbox series X ai army routes too early in siege defenses, morale tanks after >100 or so casualties.

    Summary:Basically, the ai routes too early when fighting against a large army in a defensive siege, even with numbers advantage and all of their siege engines deployed, they lose all hope after very few casualties. How to Reproduce: break into a town under siege by a large army, get some siege...
  6. PitViper

    Resolved Xbox series X crash

    Summary:Game crashes every time I try and load up my previous campaign. Just got the newest update and haven’t played in about month or so, crashes every single time in the loading screen. Tried restarting it a couple times to no avail. Just seeing if this is a known issue. How to Reproduce:by...
  7. Mount and Blade II Bannerlord - Xbox Series X Console

    My only grievance with the console version is encountered during castle or town assaults. It revolves around the inability to direct my troops to focus their efforts on specific tasks. I wish for the capability to instruct them to attack the gate for a breach, to refrain from using ladders, and...
  8. Resolved Xbox X version is on

    Summary: My game just updated and I uninstalled and reinstalled but its still showing version but everywhere I look says I should be on at least version 1.1 How to Reproduce: Always on this version Scene Name (if related): NA Media (Screenshots & Video): NA
  9. Resolved Audio issue Warband Series X

    Hello In Mount and Blade: Warband, on Xbox Series X, the following sounds sound off: 1. NPC vocalizations. 2. Footsteps of horses and humans (on the simulated map, battle fields, arenas, cities and villages) 3. Horse breathing. (in battlefields, towns, arenas) 4. Destroyed targets...
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