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No, I didn't use any mods.


I've noticed for a few days now that the faction I initially declared war on (Battania) to take my first castle and start my own kingdom still shows me at war on one page, but not the other.

The history between us is that I attacked one of their lords to start the war and took a castle. Then I immediately proposed peace before the tribute meter got out of whack. A while later I declared war again and took a second castle, again immediately declaring war afterwards. At one point after this I noticed it shows me at war with them on the Encyclopedia page, but not on the Diplomacy page. Since it didn't seem to be affecting anything, I didn't worry about it. I then took one of their towns and again proposed peace. Earlier today I did a 'kill 8 parties of mountain bandits' quest for one of their towns, Montos, reinforcing that it wasn't causing problems. I did this specifically because I'm considering taking Lageta in my next war with them. Now, same play session, I went to Primessos, the other village of Lageta and the leader there tells me I can't help him because we are at war.

Here are screen prints of the villager conversation, Encyclopedia page, and Diplomacy page, all taken while stopped at the village.


Additional note...Daungheep is actually my clan name. Yasir is my kingdom name Here's a printout after I declared war (shortly after I posted the above).



I stopped playing a couple days ago. At that point it still showed the clan at war with the Battanians, as well as my empire. Since I was at war with them (& other kingdoms) I couldn't tell you how villagers would act when not at war.


Here is diplomacy screen for my kingdom...
Here is Encyclopedia screen for Battania showing at war with both my kingdom (Yasir) and clan (Daungheep)
Here is Encyclopedia screen for my Kingdom
Here is Encyclopedia screen for my clan

There is no kingdom page for my clan ( ) and obviously no diplomacy page specific to my clan.

P.S.: This is on 1.5.3. I haven't played since 1.5.4 came out.
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I was going to report this myself. I found the same behavior last night on 1.5.3 (which is now main branch) unmodded. I attacked and won a fief, then negotiated peace. Notables and nobles both turned me down for quests, saying we were at war.

Here is lovely Suna, an Aserai, giving me the cold shoulder.

And here is the Diplomacy screen. Note that the left side says I am at peace with Aserai, but my clan's name, Drazhnor, is indicated in conflict as one of the crossed swords next to Unqid, the Aserai chieftain. (My screenshooter is set not to record cursors, which is pointing to the crossed swords for Drazhnor.)
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