Any news on beta 1.2 being connected se to done yet?

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As the title says....? Wish they would pump it out before starfield, (and not THE day before, taleworlds!) Otherwise the momentum for this game is gonna drop due to starfield taking up my time. They already getting slight reprieve from bg3, and Bethesda's new game gonna be everywhere. These 2 games alone gonna kill the hype for this update. As Xbox player and working adult, I'm already losing interest in waiting for this. Love the game but...waiting for this patch is killing my head. Multiplayer is already a lost cause on console. 15-30 minutes wait just to look for a match? If you find one? Should have been done in 2 stages, single player as standalone, then fix multiplayer, if possible.
i guess starfield really doesnt matter in this conversation.
bannerlord is an already released game and lost most of the momentum and got the sales from that anyway.

1.2 won't change any of that.
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