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I remember back when I was playing Viking Conquest, there was a special loot mechanic - if you leave a lot of loot untouched, it automatically transferred to experience to your troops. In other words you leave the loot to your men, and they get better equipped, thanks to that. This was an awesome mechanic, which helped you to raise your troops' level! I would like it to make a comeback in Bannerlord, and that the AI lords would also use it to raise their lower tier troops. It would be of invaluable help and I believe it would be easy to implement in the game. This would mean that we will no longer have armies of low tier troops, both on our side and the enemy's. It would be great if this mechanic made synergies with the Raise the Meek trait and the others like it. Besides, we always get a lot of loot, which we can't even sell since it is too much and too expensive. It would be great to leave some to our men, and trade the loot for xp to our (and the AI lords') troops.

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Dont forget the Floris mod for Warband Native when you could choose for each of your companions, each equipment slot (including horses) what to upgrade, and what not, if by any chance there is a superior piece of equipment in the loot after battle. The ones they scrap you could select either they keep and then auto-sell together with your loot in towns (all the money going to you, or you could take it all for yourself.
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