Closed AI Lords instantaneously create new armies once previous army is disbanded

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: AI Lords instantaneously create armies once previous army is disbanded
How to Reproduce: Disband a army, during war, and almost instantaneously a AI lord will create another army , not giving other AI lords time to R&R
Have you used cheats and if so which: no cheats, no mods
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AI is very keen to create armies when in war time, not giving time for lords to rest, recoup and recruit after battle. I'm constantly dismissing newly formed armies by my AI lords, to give lords time to R&R. There should be a cool down time period from Army disbanded and create new army - maybe a week ?

I'm also annoyed that my Lords AI is so tarded. They grabbed all my lords as soon as I disbanded my army, and slowly marched from about Amprella to siege Odrysa Castle ! a 7 day plus march ! Even though the Enemy AI is fixated on Epinosa Castle ! Obviously the AI doesn't take Distance nor Enemy AI attacks when calculating targets or reasons for creating an army.
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1 day isent enough since they stay at the location where the army disbanded. It´s a reason why the armies are filled with tier 1 troops in the end. The party should travel home, to the clan home and recruit there.
As it is now the lord or lady needs to be captive before a second member starts a party. I get that feeling. Maybe they should start recruiting once a lord is in an army. So that party just in an army gets a week cooldown to replenish.
Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
We were not able to reproduce this issue. Do you have a save file just before the disbanding the army where this bug happens?
Do you have a save file of the session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. You can find your save file here: "C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves"
To send us a ticket, please visit the site and login to your forum account from the top right. Click on "My Account" and then click on "My Open Tickets". You can create a ticket there and include the save file as well as the forum link of this thread. You can find more info about how to upload files to us with the new ticketing system here. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
They do make odd choices on distance over defenders, even just 50 defenders more and they will ignore a close settlement to siege a fief slightly less defended but much further. They are at war though so to make armies is expected, only way I've found of slowing there constant creation is to bleed their clan influence but that can have adverse problems.
I wonder if this "Instant army creation" problem is also the reason why enemy armies are FULL of peasants and level 2 troops ! No time to train before a army is created and off we go ! It's very disheartening to see your battle turn into a "Peasant Slaughter feast" !

Yes, this definitely a bug.
I've been informed that this is intended behavior. Disbanded parties are free to create new armies if creating an army score is sufficient.
That's funny, in my previous campaign (1.2.7 I think) AI companions didn't create armies straight away .. so I assumed it was fixed ? adjusted ?

Let's see what happens with my new campaign.
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