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the map was small and it only has a few town and castle within calradia. i hope devs can expand that where in you can travel seas by boat and have sea raders at sea and a group of pirates similar to viking conquest where i love how big the map is and how you can travel land to land. building your own port in a town or castle can change how the world map works change of economy wherein if your town has ports the economy of trade grew.

newly created clan from rebels and clan that has been kick out from there faction has the option to go to your army and make a conversation to join your kingdom.

if the kingdom perished the remaining clan has the option to become mercenary before they get destroyed if they were not absorbed by the kingdom they wanted to form a pledge.

companion acting as a messanger regarding the army movements in your kingdom instead of the deplomacy act of neutral defensive and offensive. and has the option to inform the caravan to avoide kingdom boundaries that they are at war with. or informing the caravan of the trade goods they needed to provide to your settlement instead of aquiring the goods yourself such as woods, ores etc. or the stats of your town or castle.

more mechanics of the throne room such as ceremonies, grant audiences, receive homage, award high honors, other official functions, coronation ceremony etc.
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