A fix I had in mind to the ramboing issues

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I think everyone hates ramboes (except for cav players who go rambo themselves ofc) but the solutions i had seen, like tether distances or an autokick dont really sound that effective.

What I had in mind was a morale system, similar to the one in singleplayer but a bit more different. I'll explain how it works:

- Morale is a new mechanic in form of a bar (similar to the ammo bar) next to the unit counter.
- If a unit's morale gets to zero, all the units will start running away and will not obey orders or fight back.
- Morale starts off at full, but can get lower if certain actions are taken:

- If a unit member dies, obviously, the morale will drop, but not like in SP where some of your units die and everyone dies, in this system, a 20 unit wont rout unless there are left like 3 or 4 units.
- If the unit that dies is a PLAYER CAPTAIN, then the morale drop will be WAY more severe, this will stop players from taking risky actions like tanking arrows or taking long weapons to cheese the ai units etc, and obviously, cav ramboes will be very affected by this.
- If a player captain gets too far away from their units, morale will also drop over time. the drop wont be that high if the captain is only scouting ahead, but if a cav player goes on the on to the other side of the map, the drop modifier will also increase severely, and cause the unit to rout if it takes too long.
- The "tether morale" will increase over time if the player comes back, but at a slow pace. So it is still possible to drop your units while you take a look ahead, but you better come back, and you BETTER not die during that time.

This will force Captain players to be more like actual captains, rather than trying to be a one man army. Lets take a look at what will happen to a typical cav rambo player if this system is implemented:

Lets name our rambo "JimmyDestroyer2009". Jimmy goes ahead and drops his entire 8 vlandian knights at the back of their spawn and goes ahead. He notices a bar at the bottom right, but doesnt know what it is so doesnt care. He goes ahead and dies, and respawns. By this point, his knights are already routing from both him dying and from the "tether morale". Him respawning fixes it for a second, and he goes "my guys moved? hmm weird" then goes ahead to rambo again. When he gets away, what little morale boost respawning gave to his army disappears, and they all rout. He dies, then notices that the remaining 7 knights are now gone.

Or look at "BeastMurderSlayer84", he notices enemy cav charging into his ranks. He was playing khan's guard. One of the enemy cavs die and he cannot resist using his glaive on that horse. He gets on it and goes to charge in and get some easy glaive kills. His army was already battered at this point, he had died once and his army only had half morale with only 4 archers remaining. He goes ahead to flank the enemy archers, swings his glaive and kills a few people. By this point, his army is about to rout. Then he dies, which routs is army, and even respawning can't save them. Now he is all alone because of his greed.

This could very easily be expanded on. You could have archers with ringing arrows, reducing enemy morale, and their captains trying their best to buff their morale by sticking near them. Horse archers could be way better if they had these arrows. You could have perks on berserkers and savages, dropping their enemy morale by way more with each kill, making archers to counter them way more important. You could have flanking penalties, where enemies whose flanks are completely surrounded have their morale dropped by a lot more.

Obviously, if this feature sounds like it would be a bad addition, you could just have only the first part and not expand on it, having it purely counter ramboing.

What do you guys think? I hope the devs see this and implement it, but obviously, if you see any flaws, you are free to correct me.
I have seen a few people suggest limited respawns but I think this idea would be better. Not sure about expanding it to all classes as it is nice to feel in control of your army as the player.

all round I think you have one of the best and most dynamic solutions so far! Would be great to try in a custom server when we get them next year


Yes, action-based morale system is a very good idea and shall be implemented. Let them parked horses skedaddle one by one. Will benefit the general gameplay.


It fits in nicely with the theme of the game and there is also a morale system in place in sp as you said, so would be pretty cool and theoretically easy enough to do! Let's you run for late flags to save team morale leaving your troops behind at the risk of losing individual morale which is a pretty cool trade-off and penalty for not having your team more focused and attentive to the overall team morale score.

Some people had floated a similar idea around before in another thread with a little less detail! A negative effect to the players score board similar to a team kill when they lose a troop would be the final nail in the coffin to punish players if this was implemented!
Cool, implementing a whole new moral system, only for cav, to fight 1 x tactic.

I got no clue about playing cav, I go all rabble all day long.. But, I know its very important NOT to listen to any expert cav players about this issue, because they are by default lying!

I have 1-2 ideas my self on how to punish those expert cav players!

Lets call our rambo player "ToxicHorse69"..If he want to use this tactic, this should happen :

1: If ToxicHorse69 moves 1 meter away from his parked troops his screen will go black!
2: TW should implement a real-life TAX onto ToxicHorse69 if he parks his units! 50% goes directly to TW, the rest is divided between the other players of the match!
3: If ToxicHorse69 parks his units they will all die instantly!
4: If ToxicHorse69 parks his units he will get kicked from the match, and banned for 1 month. And if he does it again after that month is over he will get permanently banned from the game!
5: The second ToxicHorse69 picks the cav unitclass he will get banned 1 month from the game.
6: If ToxicHorse69 parks his units, they will turn into flying mounts! And help the other team!
7: If ToxicHorse69 moves 1 meter away from his parked cav they will turn into archers and tk each other!
8: If ToxicHorse69 moves 1 meter away from his parked cav he will not be able to use his spear!
9: If ToxicHorse69 parks his units his movement speed will be 50% slower than archers!
10: If ToxicHorse69 move 1 meter away from his units his screen will go black, then he will get kicked from the match, then permanently banned from the game, then he will have to pay a tax to the other players and his computer will explode!

I am ofc being super ironic if anyone should be in doubt...But all 10 of my suggestions are in the same category as snakebae's idea. And they all have same effect on the gameplay, to directly punish a player for his playstyle...And it will not fix a single goddamn thing, of the core problems, in Captains mode, that have made this tactic viable in the first place.

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