11 years of development and still missing.....

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8 pages, 141 comments, 14k views... if this isn't dogged dedication, what is?
Taleworlds, make it happen! @Dejan why isn't this a priority? :lol: :iamamoron:


Plz devs, I want to be able to add a totally customizable horn on my characters head. You could even make an animation where you charge like a rhinoceros, a perk that gives morale boost to your soldiers and a nice hat with hole on top.
this man should better watch out, poachers may hunt him down to sell the horn as aphrodisiac in china.
A message to moderators:
Why is this thread even allowed to be up??
I mean...
It has been more than 9 years of development, so the thread is no longer relevant. :party:
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