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Yes, I used mods.


Good morning folks, hope you having a wonderful day!

To sumarize everything in two points, i'm gonna talk about cavalry speed and aim

  • Cavarly Speed
Rn i use Aserai horses that requires 60 riding to use, notnetheless it happened with 10 riding horses. It's simple, as i position my foot soldiers i, usually, flank one of enemies cavalry as my troops are composed 40 - 60 archers and soldiers.
The thing is, i'm WAY faster than my all leveled up cavalry, to the point that either i have to wait 'em or charge head on like GUTS. No good, no good at all. Wich brings me the second problem
  • Cavalry Aim
Dumb dumb cavalry that can't hit a hit. I face a knight head one with a polearm with low height and that is used more like a bat that a spear. Basicly i run into cavalry and hit them with the side of my sword and NEVER got hit by a spear thrust, i mean, NEVER!!! Tried mods to see if it got better, but nah.
Everytime i charge into the enemy cavalry it's really funny, both cavalries create a "blob of unhiting" they just keep there without killing a thing, it's "frustrating".

Besides all that i'm facing issues agains infantry, basicly, if i go head on with spear agains a foot soldier, somehow, his spear get me before, i'm getting p*ned by tier 2-3 troops. I feel dumb :/


I think infantry spears hit first because they are hitting the horse, which is in front of you. As far as cavalry lance troops, usually when I fall in battle its because I saw one of these coming straight at me and didn't veer away in time. Occasionally its from a thrown spear. Not saying cavalry lance troops hit all the time, I don't fall often, but they do hit and they are deadly when they hit you. I'm currently in 1.6.3.
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