1. why do horse charges only cause a stagger?

    I can charge at full speed with my horse in heavy armor against a simple recruit, yet all I can do is get them stunned for half a second and have them say "oof!". It doesn't even matter if it's a full on charge or just a trot, it still stuns them for the same amount of time! Shouldn't a full on...
  2. metafa

    1.6.4 Price policy

    Absolutely hate the new price policy in multiplayer. A horse archer is still insanely difficult to play correctly and more importantly to play consistently efficient. And now it costs whooping 250 gold which really takes more or less half the time of the round to come by for the average player...
  3. Need More Info [1.6.3] Cavalry... Dumb?

    Good morning folks, hope you having a wonderful day! To sumarize everything in two points, i'm gonna talk about cavalry speed and aim Cavarly Speed Rn i use Aserai horses that requires 60 riding to use, notnetheless it happened with 10 riding horses. It's simple, as i position my foot...
  4. Need More Info Silent cav

    Summary: Cav is silent, you can't hear it. How to Reproduce: Just play the game and you'll understand. Scene Name (if related): It happens on every map. Media (Screenshots & Video): soon
  5. Varian♛

    In Progress Falling rider bug

    When a rider falls. Sometimes he is invulnerable. Either because the blows/shots go through him or because he can block everything. Is that intentional? I always have a ping of 20-30 Attached is a video so you can understand what I mean
  6. Varian♛

    Annoying Cav glitch that is still in the game after over a year

    Hey, For over a year I have to watch this bug when a falling rider disappears in walls or his whole body suddenly consists of a shield. Now after 1.5 years with this **** in multiplayer I thought I can write a thread about it. Watch the video and you will understand why this upsets me. Why...
  7. Thrax1

    Cav charge should knock down/hurt friendlies

    This is a unanimous consensus amongst people I’ve spoken with that this should be the case. This would make cav much more balanced especially in skirmish mode because the cav rider wouldn’t just be able to brainlessly charge into a group of players and only worry about knocking down enemies.
  8. Caps

    Light Cav is trash

    Light Cav is just awful. 1. Their Horses are super sqishy to archers 2. None of them actually gets lances, which is kinda nice. (except without shield) 3. The spears they get are absolute garbage. With shield build. (you need at least 190 to be able to compete with lances) Courser: Western...
  9. SoV | Shields of Valor | NA | Cavalry

    SoV | Shields of Valor | NA | Cavalry

    Introduction The Community all started on October 25th, 2015 in a mod for Mount and Blade Warband called North and South. We played North and South for about a month then switched to the Napoleonic Wars dlc as the 69th South Lincolnshire. We stayed in the Napoleonic Wars for around 6 months and...
  10. Falrock

    Make horses rear up

    I think cavalry would be a lot more fair to fight against if they 'reared up' like they do in Warband when they hit walls and obstacles. I notice at the moment they only seem to rear up if you thrust a spear directly at the front of the horse. I've seen them run directly into walls and quickly...
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