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Hey guys, what's up? I hope so.

Well, I believe the game should allow the player to capture ships when winning a naval battle, in addition, there are some maps missing like the map of Frankia, the map of Iceland, Greenland and North America. One detail, Greenland was green, it was not a frozen land at that time, for this reason the Vikings named it Greenland which means green land, a fertile and cultivable land.

Another important addition to this version of the game would be to enable you to build your own nation by taking with you citizens as women, farmers among others to colonize an uninhabited region. The villages and cities and castles now have a population that decreases or increases according to events, diseases, looting, hunger and so on.

With the necessary material gathered your settlers build a village and this village gradually grows in size and develops into a big rich and prosperous city.

Currently we are limited to a castle and a village, something that is very weak. Consider adding this also for Bannerlords, it would be a very welcome addition.
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All of them. Gore because decapitation. Rest affects morale because it forces a more natural rhythm to the game instead of nonstop motion. Gear affects stats and stamina because they help light armor units stay credible threats. Blood loss adds meaning to severe injury, a guy with 1 HP isn't ok.
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you can get ships after a battle, the chance is just low.

about suggestions: game was released 5+ years ago and has already passed the updates period, so don't expect new features for Warband VC. With relation to Bannerlord that is something we have no clue about as TW has not talked (IIRC) about DLC, expansions, third party games, etc.
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