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(Edits have been made. Updates made will be shown underneath the main post)

Jutland is a overhaul sub-mod with focus on Viking factions. It features: - New timeline - new factions and faction overhauls - new troop trees - NPC's - Cities - New shields, banners, sails - clutter details to scenes - Storyline edit - languages.


New Timeline: A.D 867
The timeline has been set one year prior to what it used to be in Vanilla Viking Conquest.
what this did, was making the conquest of the britania much wider, because in the early 867 A.D the kingdom of Northumbria had not yet falling to the vikings, and so this minor change i have made, gave space into adding a new kingdom to the module, The kingdom of Northumbria with the ruler King Ælle.
So now you can help the son's of ragnar, revenging his death properly.

*Note: Minor factions has been merged into other small factions, to reduce the chance of them being destroyed very early on in the campaign.
(some, might hate my choice in this, if they liked to play in a small tribe such as the Osraige, which was a very small faction, but i have decided to put minor factions to better use, than simply just being wiped by larger factions. And also, this submod is intended to be played as a viking character, so if thats your playstyle, then you only care about raiding, and fighting, and not so much about how many minor factions there appears in this module.)

4 viking factions in Danmark, all competing against each other for the throne of Danmark.
- Featuring:

- Sigfridslægten(House of Sigfried): Ruled by Kong Hårik II (Hårikssøn) / Capital: Ripa(Danmark) / total amount of fiefs: 8 / Vassals: 1 Jarl and 1 Hersir.

- Hildetandslægten(''Hilthertooth'' Dynasty ): Ruled by Kong Hemming / Capital: Jelling(Danmark) / total amount of fiefs: 8 / Vassals: 2 Jarls, 1 Hersir

- Rurikslægten(The Rurikids): Ruled by Kong Rurik / Capital: Dorestad(Frisia) / total amount of fiefs: 10 / Vassals: 3 Jarls

- Angantyrslægten(Jarldom): Ruled by the Angantyr brothers / Capital: Heiðarstaðr (Danmark) / total amount of fiefs: 7
*note; Each of the families represent real life royal Dynasties. Do you got what it takes to unite all of Danmark under one ruler, one king? or perhaps make a conquest against Danmark and convert them all into Christianity? whatever you decide, good luck.

2 factions, in Norveg/norway
- Featuring:

- Konungdómar Norveg: represents all the independent kings in Norway.
Includes; Capital: Grömstad / total amount of fiefs: 11 / Vassals: 4 Kings and 3 Hersirs.
*note; During the viking age, in norway, there was not just one king ruling everything, there was over thirty kings ruling in Norway at the same time, these four kings represent some of the western shores of Norway.

- Konungdómur Norveg: is represented by Haraldr Hárfagri, who wants to be the sole king and rule all of Norway.
Includes: Capital: Trondheim / Total amount of fiefs: 8 / Vassals: 2 Jarls.
*note; Good luck with the campaign.

(Kingdom of NORTHYMBRE)
The kingdom of Northymbre has been changed into: Danelagen and is represented by Kong Halfdan.
Includes: Capital: Jorvík / total amount of castles: 7 / total amount of villages: 9 / Vassals: 13 Jarls, including the ruler.
*note: keep in mind, that even though it seems like a lot of vassals, then because of the minor amount of fiefs assigned to each of them, then the lords armies will not be too big, compared to other factions.

Konungdómar Irland og Konungdómur Lochlond (Kingdom of LAITHLIND)
The kingdom of Laithlind has been changed.
the name has been changed into; Konungdómar Irland og Konungdómur Lochlond (the kingdoms of Ireland and the Kingdom of Lochlann)
to represent all the viking clans who sailed west to Scotland and ireland to start their own kingdoms.

Dyflin is represented by Konung Godrodr.
Veisafjordr is represented by Konung Olafr.
Vedrafjordr is represented by Konung Ulfr.
Lochlond is represented by Konung Orkan.
includes: 4 kings, 4 Jarls and 1 Hersir.

Norþanhymbra Rīċe (The kingdom of Northumbria)
*Note: As the timeline has been set back by one year, then the campaign introduces the old kingdom of Northumbria, with old king Ælle and king Osberth in the lead.
The former territories of Northumbria has been giving to them and lords have been giving to them as well.
It features: 2 capitals: Eidynbyrig and Bebbanbyrig / 3 castles and 7 villages / Vassals: 5 including the ruler.

FRANKIA (mini faction)
A new added kingdom are the northern kingdom of Frankia, it is ruled by Lothar and have it's own troop tree

- a faction dedicated to the sons of Ragnar.

reason? well all the sons of Ragnar had their own destinies to fullfill and die of. So each of the brothers have been giving their own fiefs spread out on the world map

for an example; Halfdan Ragnarson is up conquering Skotland in his own campain, while, Ubba and Ragnvald are helping out the Danelaw, Bjørn and Haesten has made camp at Hastings in West Seaxna. Ivar is busy in Ireland, and Sigurd is in Danmark making plans to overthrow a danish king.

It includes: / total amount of fiefs: 13 / Vassals: 8.

Changes has been made, the Sons of Ragnar are all back into the Danelagen (Danelaw).

Nearly every fief in the game has been assigned to specific lords, and their relatives. So no more clutter and randomness in who pocesses which fief.
Now lords are bound to a specific fief in each playthrough, and once you conquer a fief from someone, they will do anything in their power to reclaim that pocession.

- All troop trees have had an overhaul.
(includes; names, equipment, upgrade path, etc.)

17 new types of different vikings all hailing from different clans and regions of Skandinavia, and beyond.
- all vikings have their own shields to represent their region and specializes in different kind of weaponry.
(includes: multiple types of Danish Vikings, Northmen Vikings, Swedish Vikings, Hiberno VIkings, Rus Vikings, Norman Vikings, Irish Vikings. Etc.)

- New viking lords; 15 Viking lords proclaimed with the title of King, compared to vanilla Viking Conquest where there is only 5 in total. (Not all are rulers of their own faction)
* 21 Jarls and 10 hersirs. That is 46 Viking warlords fighting amongst eachother and waging war against the Christians.
*note; some of the vikings have been ''edited'' (renamed, giving new gear and new face and put into different factions.), while others are brand new lords.

- New faces for nearly all existing lords. (teaser; Bjørn Regnarsøn and Ubba Regnarsøn looks badass)
- New face tattoos for the vikings. (Not a lot, but a few.)
- All minor NPC's has been overhauled.
*includes; renaming of all minor NPC's (Example; no more Happy widows, they are now named between 7 different Skandinavian words for ''ladies of the night'')

All towns/castles/villages dominated by the vikings has had their names changed into Norse names.
* I have relocated and renamed a lot of fiefs around the world map.

- Danmark is overhauled:
With a total of 23 fiefs in Danmark, there are now four major towns shared between three factions; Jelling, Heiðarstaðr, Ripa and Ripa Höfn.
**Teaser; a kings seat in Danmark. and a legend from a famous norse Saga has also been edited. into the module

- Norway is overhauled:
With a total of 16 fiefs in Norway, there are now two major towns shared between two factions; Grömstad and Trondheim.

- Danelaw is overhauled. ( all fiefs has had their names changed. villages near Jorvík have been named ''Dena Lagu'' and ''Dena hûs'' by the saxons, which means (Danelaw and House of Danes)

in Scotland, the gaelic folk has been more aggresive against their brethren who has been ruled by the Danes, and they have mocked them by nicknaming their villages what translated from Gaelic into English ''Thralls of the Danes'' (Etc.)
*Note: Changed due, to timeline has been altered, and the emerge of the old kingdom of Northumbria has been added.

- Ireland: name change to the villages under the viking rule.
Teaser: Vedrafjordr a known viking fortress, west of Veisafjordr, is a newly added castle.

Compared to vanilla Viking Conquest where there are only 3 major towns in Skandinavia, there are now a total of 7, divided between six kingdoms.
*note: there are six kingdoms total in Skandinavia in this sub-mod.
in vanilla Viking Conquest there are only 3 factions scattered out to each their country, Danmark, Norge and Frisland.
Now there are five faction with occupations in Danmark and two factions in Norge.

- the storyline has been edited (not the quests)
- names of locations mentioned in the storyline
- names of some the the characters to fit the new locations mentioned.

*note: Base game is kept in english, so menus are still in English, so people which does not understand either, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Irish, Gaelic, saxon or frisian, can still play the game.

- Now this is probably one the biggest difference to this Sub-mod i have made.
I have giving all cultures their own languages.

example: if you are in Danmark, then towns/Npc's/trooptrees etc, which are related to Danmark, are all named in Danish. so if you meet a king he is titled ''Kong''

and if it is a norse king who are not a Dane, then he will be titled ''Konung''

and if you meet a king from West seaxe, then he will be titled ''Cyning'' and so on for all lords.

In Danmark all towns (etc) has been giving the old Danish translations of the modern city names. So modern day Ribe / Århus / Hedeby is now Ripa / Árós / Heidarbyr
- and so on for every other viking nation.

depending on where you are in the world, weaponsmiths and other NPC's. Will be called something different than what you are used to.

Example: if you are in Danmark it is called a ''Våbensmed''
And if you are in Saxon regions it will be ''Wigsmið''
and so on for every nation. Each country will have their own languages. so no more english translations on NPC's.

Difference between the Skandinavian languages. When you meet lords or ladies who are Danes, the ending in their fathers names will be ''Søn/Datter''
and if you meet lords and ladies who are of Norwegian decendant. then the ending in their fathers names will be ''Son/Dotter''
And to those vikings who have moved away from Skandinavia, and settled in either Ireland or Scotland their names will be ''Son/Dottir'' which refers to the Icelandic language.

Under progress: Languages will be added to each lord, so when you meet a lord from England then he will speak a few sentences in old Saxon.
And when you meet a lord from Danmark, then he will speak some lines of Danish, and when you are in Norway, then a Norwegian Warlord will speak some conversation in Norsk.

SCENE OVERHAUL *note: the scenes are not created by me, these are the original ones from Vanilla VC. I have just added more details to them.

- details, such as trees, buckets, tables, boat building on beaches, sacrificing stands, food, barrels, hanging fishing nets, fish traps, banners, prominent family shields on houses, markets, Etc, etc. have been added to some cities, castles, villages and Hofs to give them a more ''alive'' and progressive look. Now cities looks like busy tradingports around the map, fit for kings and Jarls to have as their own.

*note; for the sake of performance, i have decided not to change the siege scenes. A lot of stuff has been added to the towns, and i fear that battles with 700 troops would weaking the performances.

Pictures of some of the scenes in the link below:

This sub-mod includes the texture and graphics overhaul

Dark Age mod

by @ha3481
Link in the description: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/submod-dark-age-for-viking-conquest-released-3-4.359288/

VC Balance mod (version 11)
by @Tingyun
Link in the description: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/vc-s-vc-balance-mod-saved-game-compatible.373658/

Credits giving to the modders who have created these two mods, they are amazing.

Personal note:
When i first time heard about, and played Mount and blade, it was vanilla Warband, at the time it launched on Xbox one.
I fell in love with the game the moment i saw the gameplay trailer.
After spending all the hours i had available, i learned about Viking Conquest. That was when i was struck by lightning, and i had to own that game. I begged a long time for a DLC release on Xbox,
but when my wishes was denied, i seeked out to buy a gamer PC.
I bought Viking Conquest on steam over a year before i bought a PC to play on, so i was anxious about playing it.

When i first played Viking Conquest, i saw all the potential that DLC had, Monastary Raids, my own story of how i could destroy the christian religion, as the christianity destroyed my religion in the real world, and then carve out a new future for my countries, in a game.
However, after playing the game for a while, i was frustrated about how there was not enough viking activity, with that i mean, that i wanted to see some more action in Skandinavia itself.
Viking clans fighting eachother over small pieces of land, so i decided to try my luck and create this mod.
I knew exactly what i wanted to build, but i had no skills in what so ever in how to mod, so it has taking a long time to come to this point. The mod will release soon, when i am done polishing it.

Jutland, is how i see the Viking Conquest back in the Dark age. And i hope that it will be satisfying for all to play.

There are yet things i wish to see in the future of this submod, however, as of right now, i do not have the skills to pull it off, as i am still kinda new to modding.
But for each day passing, i am getting better at it. (i think.)

I really wish to create Iceland with prominent viking families, fighting over the right to own it, and then create the rest of Skandinavia (including, Sweden, Götaland and the final part of Danmark, which is the island of Sjælland) so we can have some proper vikings battle each other over land.
That i think, would be amazing.

To-do list:
- Creating and adding more banners.
- Fix dialogues and/or notes shown in the game.
- Correcting storyline, prior to latest update.
- Create new textures and models.
- Create new languages dialogues for each culture.
- Test playing everything to make sure the module works bugsfree.
And that should be it, when i am done with these things, then the submod gets released.

Side project under construction: Jutland (A.D 820) Beginning of the Viking age to the west.
- VC campaign map. (same old, same old.)
- Historical characters from that period of time.
- tonnes of Minor Viking factions with few lords, supporting each other.
- the storyline will be rewritting, and manipulated with, so i can use basically the same quests, but make it fit into the theme of this module
- Troops overhauls: worse equipped troops (the Vikings were not yet as rich back then, as proper raids has not been happening yet, so not many could afford decent armor or weapons)
- rescheduling and name changes on towns/castles/villages. (Example: Jorvík, will then be Eoferwich)
- removing of larger ships, such as Skeid and Busse.
- Other tweaks.

Link to the old thread:
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Extra content added:

Sunday 16/2/2020

new viking-shield paint has been created for the clans.

example: the Skjoldungar klan, which is a Danish clan, uses red and black shields. a variant has been made for the lower classes of society, while the higher tiers like Huskarls has a more prominent version of that shield with the same colours.

Each of the prominent warrior clans has these details into the shields.


Måne'dag 17/2/2020

new troop tree has been added: Viking troop tree

The troop tree looks like this.
farmaðr (sailors) > Skandinavi Vikingr >> Danar Svarti (Black Danes) and/or Danar Hvitr (White Danes) >>> Skeppare (Captains)

*Note: I have linked sailors which can be hired from the ''Skeppare'' (old sea captain) in port-towns, to the Viking trooptree.
It should be slightly easier now to get your hands on a raiding crew.

*extra Note: Lochlann vikingr can also upgrade into Skeppare.

*Notice: there are yet many other vikings, but they are not linked to a troop tree as they represent vikings who are already part of a culture.


Tyrs'dag 18/2/2020

Both Konungdómar Norveg and Konungdómur Norveg have been greatly overhauled.
Konungdómar Norveg
- relocated all castles, renamed each fief, and have decided to change the names of the castles into actual town names instead of county names
and then decided to change village names into the fylki each county represents.
This overhaul gave space to add more counties to Norway, including a Swedish Jarldom.

Hordaland fylke, Rogaland fylke, Agder fylke, Oppland fylke, Trondheim fylke, Møre and Romsdal fylke, and Jämtland fylke.

- Skiringssal has been changed into Oppland fylke
- Tønsberg fylke has been changed into Agder fylke
- old Agder fylke has been changed into Møre fylke

Konungdómur Norveg
- Harald hårfagers county has been renamed into Trondheim.
-The good friend of Haraldr Hárfagri, Rognvald ''Mørejarl'', the mighty Jarl of Møre, has sworn fealty to the king, and was gifted the Fylke of Romsdal.
-A swedish Jarl of Jämtland has heard of the exploits of Haraldr Hárfagri and has decided to support him in his campaign.


this change has populated the entire country of Norway instead of only the coast line as it used to be.

reason for the change:
it bugged me how Tønsberg which is a part of the vest fold fylke was placed in Agder Fylke. the town was supposed to be located further into Norway. so i have removed the vestfold part, and moved all the regions a bit further down from there original locations, so it gave space to add two other kingdoms in western norway.

So now the entirety of Skandinavia has been successfully overhauled.
Multiple factions claiming the Danish domain in Danmark and multiple factions claiming the Norwegian throne in Norway.
This should give some interesting battles between Skandinavian warlords.


Odins'dag 19/2/2020

The conquest of Britania
The ancient kingdom of Northumbria under the rule of Egbert Cyning has rebelled against the Danelaw and made an alliance with East Engla

The briton kingdom ''Alt Clut'' has risen and fought the Danes, taking back their lost territory.

This update has massively nerfed the Danelaw in England, and they have lost all their territories in the north.
The reason for this is, that i have always thought it was a shame that when you go to England on the viking expedition, then the Danes were already well dug into England.
Now that has changed, and you will be a part of the earlier stages of the viking conquest against the west.

- I have removed nearly all the codes that made factions recover back their territories, so now you can even play the Storyline with this feature.
I have however made sure that the castles and towns that are quest bound will be recovered by the faction who lost it, so during the storyline, an important faction can not be completely destroyed. but now there should be tense battles between the factions.

Jorvik can not be taken (storyline related)
Snottingham can not be taken (storyline related)
Dun Taruo can not be taken (storyline related)
Din Bych can not be taken (storyline related)
Cantwaraburh and Witan Ceaster can not be taken (storyline related)

*Note: When all the quests of the storyline has been completed, then the game will set it back into normal Sandbox, and you will continue where the storyline has ended, just like in vanilla VC.

**Bonus content: Now you can raid Lindisfarne, the first ever documented viking raid on england, without getting a bad sport with the Danelaw.


Tórs'dag 20/2/2020

*New Danish Faction added. Skjoldklanen.
*Added a new town in Danmark, Hróiskelda (modern danish; Roskilde)

*Note: as of right now there are problems with the path finding for npc's.
I tried implementing a landing for traders and lords to enter the island, and they have no issues getting on the island, but they can not figure out on how to leave.
I am working on a fix.

I have implemented a ferry station so the player can travel to and from the island, as otherwise it was unaccessable due to the border of the map.
*Note: this does not affect npcs. for some reasons, npcs are able to sail all the way around Danmark towards the island. However the player can not.

*Notice: I know that Hróiskelda in real life are located on Sjælland, but due to the fact that Sjælland has not been included when they created this map, i have decided to place the town on the island of Fyn (the island inbetween Sjælland and Jylland) The reason why i have decided to implement Roskilde is because it was an important site in the viking age in Skandinavia, and also because the town in real life holds me dear memories, as i have spent a good amount of time growing up there as a kid.

**Teaser: Near Hleiðargarðr (a village connected to Hróiskelda) there is a little reference to people who like the saga of Beowulf.



Friggs'dag 21/2/2020

Each overhaul made on 18/2/2020 and 19/2/2020 has been polished

Vaske'dag 22/2/2020

Polished Danmark.
all towns, castles and villages have been giving old Danish names, including the ferry stations in Skandinavia.

*note: The villages names may seem close to one another, but that is all legit work in how Skandinavian town names are made.
The first part of the name, are what is typically found in that region. typical animals mostly, or what kind of landscape the village is buildt on, the ending part of the name of a village will always be ''garðr'' which means farmstead in old norse.

So in a region with a lot of nests of Ravens, the farmstead would be called Rafnagarðr. a farmstead taking it's name because a lot of Ravens are found.

An example of a known viking trading town would be Heiðrbyr, which means, ''a town where nothing grows'' taking from the old norse word; Heiðr (danish: Hede - english: moor) and the old norse word; byr (danish: By - english: town)

Sol'dag 23/2/2020

Overhauled Danmark.

- The town of Hróiskelda which was recently added, has been giving new ownership and changed name into Ripa.

- The king of Ripa is Kong Hårik of the house of Sigfrid.

- The port town Ripa has changed name into Ripa Höfn (meaning Ripa port)

*Reason for this change is that the original Ribe in the game only represented the trading market in Danmark where foreigners would come and trade with the Danes.
And not the actual city itself where the population in Danmark would take residental.

- The new added Ripa represents the actual town of Ribe where the population live.

Måne'dag 24/2/2020


- All jarls have been giving their own castle, and owns the village that is connected to it.

- Each king have been giving all the fiefs that are connected to their capitals, to demonstrate to the jarls and other kings of how much power they hold in their kingdom.

Odins'dag 26/2/2020

Factions overhaul and new NPC's.

- Less vassals than previously.
- Each Jarl have been giving their own castle, with their oldest son owning the village connected to it.
- The new king is Kong Bagsecg. (storyline edited to mention him as a person, instead of Halfdan)

- Halfdan Ragnarson, Bjørn Ragnarson, Ivar Ragnarson, Ubba Ragnarson, Haesten Ragnarson, Sigurd Ragnarson and Ragnvald Ragnarson has been added to a new faction that represents the sons of Ragnar. called the ''Ynglingeaetten''


- all sons of Ragnar has been added to this faction and been spread out to numorous locations around the world.
- you got Ragnvald and Ubba holding lands in England and helps out the Danelaw.
- Halfdan Ragnarson is on a campaign on his own trying to make a name for himself, near scotland and has taking Eidynburh.
- Ivar is in Ireland, making himself King.
- Sigurd Ragnarson is in Danmark, trying to overthrow Kong Hårik and become the King.
- Bjørn Jarnsida and Haesten Ragnarson are preparing to raid Frankia and has made camp on the passage to the country.


- represents the two jarl brothers, Sigfrid and Halfdan from Danmark.
they controll the Hedeby area in southern Jutland a long with a kindred ally.

*Note: None of these changes affects the Storyline in anyway. you are still able to complete all the quests successfully.
however it gave the world map politics more spice. considering, that both Sigfrid, Halfdan one day are supposed to be kings and Sigurd who is already making plans of taking the kingdom from Horik.
since none of these lords are no longer a part of Horik's faction, they can actually usurp him and take the throne for themselves.

**Note: So the quest where you have to go get relations with the jarls in Danmark before going to the thing, you still have to visit Halfdan and Sigfrid and ask for their support, as they are still bound to the quest scripts, even though they are no longer a part of Horik's faction.

Tórs'dag 27/2/2020

Uuhh teaser
Experimental (mini faction): In this update i am adding a tiny part of the northern kingdom of Frankia, with their own troop tree designed to them, so make yourself ready to use those crossbows and bolts, soon.
*notes: this faction is not supposed to be ''conquered'' or in fact joined. It has no trading on the world map, and the lords can not leave the area. it only consists of two castles and two villages. it is purely for fun for the player, to be able to take a viking army and test your mettle against the Franks and raid some über christians.

**if you have plans on joining them, then i advise you, not to choose either ''start as Lord'' or ''start as king'' when you are doing sandbox mode. as then you will be stuck on their area, and cannot leave it. In order for joining them, you have to get a boat, and then sail over there, land the ships near the coast and walk up to them, asking them for you to join.

Frigg's dag 18/4/2020

Removed features:
-Removed the Frankia mini faction.
-Removed the ynglingeætten (The sons of ragnar faction, and replaced them back into the Danelagen. Sigurd Regnarson has also been added into this faction (For now) so he can still wage war against Hårik of Danmark, to become ''king'' himself.)

Added features:
-New timeline (set in 867 A.D, prior to vanilla which is set in 868 A.D)
-Added the Kingdom of Northumbria with King Ælle as the ruler and Osberth as Co-ruler.
- Reworked the module (many localizations which needed to be fixed)
- Removed the titles from the sons of Ragnar, and other relatives to noteable warlords (RP purpose) To give these unique characters their own stories as they conquer places and makes a name for themselves. (reason for this. At different times during these timelines, for example the ragnar sons will at some point be jarls and then promote themselves to kings over countries. With their titles removed, then you as the player will not be annoyed to see Ivar as 'Jarl Ivar' If he is supposed to be a king in that year in real life, minor details.)

Topic updated:
- Updated the mod intro.
- Added the section ''Timeline''
- Added the section ''Fiefs''
- Added a new faction (under the factions section)
-Added a ''To-do list''
- Corrected wrong messages in the entire topic and kept it up to date, with what is new.
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I am now 3/4 done with the mod

(Edits have been made)

the thread has been overhauled from top to bottom.
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You work fast! I'm looking forward to it, never enough Viking mods. Still, why a sub-mod? It sounds like you made pretty much an overhaul.


Python Saint
You work fast! I'm looking forward to it, never enough Viking mods. Still, why a sub-mod? It sounds like you made pretty much an overhaul.

its part of the rules when working with the DLC assets. In short, a sub-mod of VC requires players to own the DLC (buy it) to play them, and thus needs to be marketed as such. If the creator also changes the setting then it could be called a [total conversion] - which also requires the original game.

VC rules for mods

The creator can contact BWStudios if he wants to discuss how to classify his mod. No idea how the new forum and creating sub-forum for mods works now tho, so that is something he will need to talk with the moderators.

Eärendil Ardamírë

Subforum Moderator
its part of the rules when working with the DLC assets. In short, a sub-mod of VC requires players to own the DLC (buy it) to play them, and thus needs to be marketed as such. If the creator also changes the setting then it could be called a [total conversion] - which also requires the original game.

VC rules for mods

The creator can contact BWStudios if he wants to discuss how to classify his mod. No idea how the new forum and creating sub-forum for mods works now tho, so that is something he will need to talk with the moderators.
I think it is more about naming it a Submod which I also noticed while sorting the boards a bit. The VC modders all tend to add 'Submod' to the name of their mod which is rarely something done at the other mods boards of Native & Co.


Python Saint
The VC modders all tend to add 'Submod' to the name of their mod which is rarely something done at the other mods boards of Native & Co.

they do that because that was (is?) the rule for VC

however the moderators need to decide what to do with VC in this case, as the old policy is different from Native. Even the thread/sub-forum would be moved on the VC forum instead of Warband area. So you guys need to review that and edit the policy thread linked above: how to handle VC mods in 2020 :grin: (as it relates to two different entities - TW and BWStudioes - and all that).

I guess the basic question is: should he use Pioneer or not for VC submod? Then go from there.

All I did was link how the policy from 2015 was established.

Eärendil Ardamírë

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they do that because that was (is?) the rule for VC

however the moderators need to decide what to do with VC in this case, as the old policy is different from Native. Even the thread/sub-forum would be moved on the VC forum instead of Warband area. So you guys need to review that and edit the policy thread linked above: how to handle VC mods in 2020 :grin: (as it relates to two different entities - TW and BWStudioes - and all that).

I guess the basic question is: should he use Pioneer or not for VC submod? Then go from there.

All I did was link how the policy from 2015 was established.
And I thank for that, I was not aware of the extra rule setting they have made since I never looked up the boards at VC, so the naming convention was a bit a surprise for me while sorting the boards and I think Antonis didn't knew it as well :grin:
If you need to create a new topic for your mod which has been released but has no current topic, post it in the Pioneer's Guild board and ask a Global Moderator or Administrator to move it over. If you already have a topic for your mod in the Pioneer's Guild and now have a release, you should likewise ask to have it moved over.
I reorganised it now the following way: Unreleased mods are in the Pioneer's Guild, no matter which Game/DLC they are for. As soon as they have made a release of a full version, I move them to the respective board. At testing versions etc. I only move them to the board at request since I think the Pioneer's Guild is the better place for them until then. For the naming convention VC-modders can orientate still on the old rules, I don't see any need to change them.
So Hrurik is fine here ^^

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It's really nice to see your updates. Still it is a rule to not make double posts. It's better if you edit your last post always with some Edit note and date, so people now something has been done.


It's really nice to see your updates. Still it is a rule to not make double posts. It's better if you edit your last post always with some Edit note and date, so people now something has been done.

I can do that instead then. sorry for the inconvenience.

Will you be inclined to delete your first post on this topic? so i can have the slot right underneath the main post which i can use for updates then?

Eärendil Ardamírë

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I can do that instead then. sorry for the inconvenience.

Will you be inclined to delete your first post on this topic? so i can have the slot right underneath the main post which i can use for updates then?
You can still make new update posts when someone has commented. If the last comment is from yourself, edit your last comment. That's how it should be done at the forum. And it's not a big problem. I also deleted my first post, so you have the second slot free for other update news.


Thank you for that. it is much better now.

New update has been added to the mod, check it out in the Update folder, underneath the main post.


New update notes. Check the spoilers on 26/2/2020 and 27/2/2020

also, considering how this mod has making turns in all directions after i started with it. i am also planning on making a module that dates 20-30 years back in the timeline. Back to the time of Ragnar Lodbrog, King Horik Godfredson, Ecbert Cyning, Ælla Cyning, Etc. back when vikings did not settle in England yet, and it was all about the raiding, and fighting amongst themselves.
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Use whole Scandinavian map (example from Sword and Axe).
Transfer all your Danmark,Norwegians ,Swedish clans there.Use example Irish clans and transfer them to Baltic tribes,Finnish tribes,
Kvanians and so on.
Yet ship travels and battles come along.No false land connections.
Ps.your work with Viking Conquest is Impressive!
Keep up the good work!


I thank you for the advise on suggestions to make, and the support, and to everyone else who have wished me good luck.

However i was recently denied the use of assets from a specific mod which was crucial for the evolution of this Submod.
It was my own mistake and stupidity, not knowing, that i had to ask for permissions to use assets that is already available for everyone to download to their game as they please.
My dream is, that Jutland has the greatest experience when it comes to it's standards, with the best tweaks available for VC, textures and gameplay as a base for the module.
and it has never been my intentions to ever upload this submod without knowing it was perfect, when the time came and it should be released.
when i meant that these submods i stated that i had included was crucial for Jutland to be as intented, then it means that i have shaped my features around the other submods, for example all the troops, towns, etc. So if i were to upload the submod as of right now without the permission to use the assets that i have worked with so far, then all the clans and small details i have made, would be a mess with nothing being as i have promised, and not in any way be as my test versions has been so far. (I hope my explanation is understandable)
Anyway the main thing is, i cannot upload the submod in any time soon, even through i was nearly done with it, and ready to upload.
Because as of things turned out to be now.
Then i have to teach, and then work on my own textures and models for Jutland. And that will take some time for me, as i currently have no experience on any of that.

The alternative was, that i could redo all the trooptrees i have made, and stick with vanilla assets, but there is not enough of the right kind of variation of equipment that would make the module truly awesome. For an example each of the 17 different viking clans i have made, to feel unique. and the new shield patterns i have added would not fit well on the old textures on Vanilla Viking Conquest. it would look odd.
So, the way i see it, i have no alternatives.
I have to spent time on creating my own texture overhaul, so that the standards of Jutland would look astonishing on day one.

I know that this is a bull**** decision on my part. Many of you guys have been hyped to play this, asking me to become beta testers, and truly just wished for a brand new Viking Conquest experience, and soon.

I truly apologize for the hype, i have made.
But Jutland from this day now, is far from done. It will come in the future, i can promise.
But it will take a long time, and i will not lie about that. And it is indeed with a heavy heart that i make this announcement. I was also hyped for this.

- Best regards, Hrurik. I hope you all fares well.


Hehe, let's annoy them to no end, maybe that'll help. :razz:
Still, on this matter, you can use whatever you want from my mod, provided it's one of my re-textures or from an OSP(I used mainly OSPs, so there's no problem reusing those). If you see sth you like and are unsure of its origin, ask. :wink:


Why do you assume that i will annoy them? I only said that we should try talk to them thats all


Maybe I misspoken or maybe you misunderstood. Or both. But, speaking for my person only, if I refused use of my assets(for any reason, logical or not) to someone and another someone asked me the same thing, for the same mod, it is possible that I would be mildly irritated. Others could be annoyed more or less than me. Now, imagine that other people, fans of the mod in question, had the same idea as you, and I ended up receiving various messages, by various people, regarding the same issue. That would be a bit annoying, surely?


I like the idea, VC really needs more mods, and this one is hitting a good spot, i just wish there was a Kievan Rus faction, that would be amazing, but hey, i guess we can't have it all :grin:
In any case, i just took a look at the screenshots and it looks really great man, can't wait to try it!
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