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I have been a loyal fan of your franchize for about 6 years now and all I have to say is Thank You for the joy I had throughout the years. Warband was a masterpiece and it still is, and the community you have created is amazing and very talented! (I'm looking at all of the modders :smile: ) I am so glad that next month I will be able to enjoy the latest addition in the brand. I had so much fun in Viking Conquest!
Keep up the good work, and according to the thousands of videos, which I binge watch, you are already doing great! Thank You!

(This is the first time I write in the forums. Sorry if I mess something up!)

Kind Regards!
Keep it up TaleWorlds, all our praises shall honour to you and our holy Bannerlord by your great works done so far! For glory and our king Derthert!
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