Fantasy Ugly Vikings - A Model Mashup BRF Resource

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All I did was mashup some armor and weapons together. The edited textures are all amateurishly recolored by me using paintdotnet, but the originals all are made by the Brytenwalda team. Love goes out to them.

Ugly Vikings Download

To actually see these models in-game, you need to put them in. It's a simple process if you use a tool like Morgh's Editor. Make an armour or weapon, then add in the mesh name. Has to be letter by letter. Then you need to activate the .brf by going into your module.ini and put this line: "load_mod_resource = CustomMods" preferably beneath every load_mod_resource line, though I don't know too much about that. This should allow you to load the models in your game.

If you don't mind, Imma be disappearing now.

Preview Pictures (I called it Ugly Vikings for a reason.):



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