1. Making timescale realistic or adjustable

    I like to play long games with my characters (Various Warband mods), and found the birth/death/passage of time system a good idea, but the current years are just too short, lords, companions are dying too quickly. I would welcome a system where a year could be around 360 days with 30 day months...
  2. Hairy Yahoo

    Time & Death: Configurable ?

    Hello everyone, There are two concepts in this game which excites me and is a big moving forward from Warband in my opinion. It's permadeath of agents and replacing them with their off-springs. We all love M&B titles because we write our own story and for me having a dynasty that carries on...
  3. lukethisup

    Need More Info [Bug?] Slight Freeze/Delay After Scene Change in Overworld (b1.5.4)

    Hey Butterlords, I have just returned to check the state of the game & have been pleasantly surprised that many issues I had noticed are getting handled. This is great! Unfortunately I have been encountering an issue that is either due to previous mods, or that I can't seem to articulate well...
  4. Resolved crash on Day 840

    My game always crashes on day 840, I have already tried reinstalling the game but it still crashes, does anyone have any ideas on what is causing the crash at this point and what could possibly fix it
  5. Holy Shift

    I Think You Should Extend Siege Preparations Time

    The thing behind my idea is to save campaign wars becoming a series of settlement grabing race. I suggest to extend siege preparation time to allow more, efficient and larger scale counter attack chance. Maybe it causes Northern and Western Empires to survive early periods of the game, who knows?
  6. Tutorial Scoring is wrong

    Currently, when you are riding your horse along the track, you get 2 seconds subtracted from your time when you miss a target/pot. This doesn't make sense, and would be an easy fix. When you are fighting against time, you want a low time. So when you subtract time from missing a target/pot...
  7. Need More Info Crashed in a specific time in e1.2.1(not in beta)

    Quests I have: Capture a enemy lord(remains 239 days) Settlement: Phycaon Recorded Unhandled Exceptions: 1. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Town.DailyTick() at...
  8. ozturka

    Resolved [e.1.2.0][Beta] Time on "Resume" after Loading Save Game

    Summary: I was waiting at "Lavenia Castle". As I was waiting, I "Save And Exit" the game. Then later, when I load the saved game, the time was running. (It is supposed to be on "Pause"). Also, when I stopped waiting in the castle, and then click "Leave". I realized I was far away from the...
  9. Blyatt08

    Amount of time for quests.

    So I don’t want to make it seem like all the quests are a problem. But, some of them really give you absolutely no wiggle room to do anything else. Go fight a battle, don’t chase too far, now you can’t get to Sargot to turn in the sheep quick enough. Have to fight battles to train, don’t stop...
  10. Time-Skip option ?

    So I've been playing for hours and my children was never growing up. I tried to use console commands to make time go faster and even then it took me like an hour to progress 8 years with factions constantly declaring war to each other. If i played this normally, it would be just impossible to...
  11. Staal

    Campaign length

    Please don't vote if you prefer to play with the ageing feature. For those players that dislike ageing as a feature. For how long do you play a campaign? The reason I ask is that this would depend what the best fix would be. Can we just adjust the year-day ratio a bit and you eventually restart...
  12. Pancakelord333

    Year length slider on game-start?

    So if I understand the game right, a typical in-game year (I don't think there are leap years) is 84 days long. 21 days per a season Roughly (as months aren't in technically the game) 7 days = 1 month (84/12=7) What if we got a slider to set year length on game start? (and this would not be...
  13. Need More Info Construction time in castel

    Hello, i got a negative completion on a construction in a castel. Any tips to resolv?
  14. WouLinX

    Oyundaki Zaman Akışı ve Mevsimler Hakkında Bilgi

    Oyundaki zaman akışı ve mevsimlerle ilgili bulduğum ve gördüğüm, şuanlık kesin olan (ileride değişebilir) bilgileri sizlerle paylaşacağım. Bizler oynarken oyun hızımızla çok farkedemiyoruz bunları ama Kalradya'nın düzenli bir zaman akışı ve mevsim değişimi var. Zaman dilimleri günümüzdeki gibi...
  15. DukeDunac

    Unresolved Quests give negative time to complete, fail instantly

    Summary: I've been trying to increase my standing with people so I can recruit units at their villages. I started as a Vlandian with high social ability, went from the training field to Vlandia, then from Vlandia to the Khuzait. I'm now going from village to village accepting quests, and all of...
  16. The Calendar goes by too fast.

    I think the pace of the calendar and characters aging is too fast. I think things would be better using a traditional 12 month calendar. I think I enjoy the game more when it's made for longer campaigns. It might be neat to have two different versions of the campaign, one with the 12 month...
  17. bmoe2001

    What time on the 31st is the game going to come out?

    I understand the game is centered in Turkey and am wondering is it being released at midnight in Turkey, around the world at that same time, midnight in each respective time zone? I am on the East Coast of the United States and am wondering if I have to stay up past midnight or what.

    know how many hours on non-steam version ?

    hello guys, is there any way to know how many hours a non-steam cd-key has on warband ? as a M&B player i bought warband the first day it was avaible on talewords site, played since then almost non-stop … from raw calculations i guess i'm in the 10000+ hours of play, but i really wish to be able...
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