Making timescale realistic or adjustable

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I like to play long games with my characters (Various Warband mods), and found the birth/death/passage of time system a good idea, but the current years are just too short, lords, companions are dying too quickly. I would welcome a system where a year could be around 360 days with 30 day months, or make it adjustable, so the player could set based on his/her preference. It might be a solution between the "classic" static and the new default Bannerlord system.


Going to +1 this but for a different reason. I'd actually like to try a 2-3 generation playthrough. But this would take way too long at the default timescale. Would like to see a configurable option to adjust timescale so I could choose one optimized either for a single character playthrough or another that would actually require me to play multiple generations. I believe there is already a mod for this that could be used for testing/simulating outcomes.
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