Need More Info [Bug?] Slight Freeze/Delay After Scene Change in Overworld (b1.5.4)

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Hey Butterlords,

I have just returned to check the state of the game & have been pleasantly surprised that many issues I had noticed are getting handled. This is great!

Unfortunately I have been encountering an issue that is either due to previous mods, or that I can't seem to articulate well enough to find another thread.
But whenever I scene change such as go into a city or leave a fight, I have a solid 2 or 3 second delay before I start moving after I register a time resume/movement command. This happens consistently every time I leave a scene & I'm unable to move for a few seconds even if I am clicking.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? I have modded the game pretty heavily in the past but am not using any now, and have already reinstalled to try to fix. If noone else is experiencing this then I will just have to go back through and purge all the file folders.
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