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Resolved Quests give negative time to complete, fail instantly

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I've been trying to increase my standing with people so I can recruit units at their villages. I started as a Vlandian with high social ability, went from the training field to Vlandia, then from Vlandia to the Khuzait. I'm now going from village to village accepting quests, and all of the "Landowner needs [village] pasture" quests seem to be bugged.

I recruited imperial and battanian recruits on the way to vlandia, fought several dozen parties of looters, recruited and upgraded units as usual on my journeys around vlandia. Had a mix of vlandian levy crossbowmen and imperial trained infantrymen, then on the way to the khuzait I decided to go horse archers only and so I disbanded my entire party except for myself between accepting the quests that were not bugged and accepting the quests that were.

I accepted a "Artisans cannot sell goods" quest in Pravend and a "Guard Merchant Caravan" quest in Ocs Hall, neither one bugged.

How to Reproduce: Accept village-related quest
Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Ispantar, Okhutan, Pabastan (probably more)
Media (Screenshots & Video): http://prntscr.com/rta4fz
Version: 1.0.5
Computer Specs
OS: Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia 1060 6GB max-q
CPU: i7-8750h 2.2Ghz
RAM: 16GB corsair DDR4
Motherboard: Dell g7 7588 base board
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 256GB SSD
Hello, thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, we were unable to respond to this topic when it was first created. If you are still experiencing this issue with the latest live or beta versions of the game, please leave a reply to this thread so we can forward to the team for investigation.
Hi, I will mark the issue as resolved. If you encounter the same one in the latest version, please let me know. Thanks!
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