1. Winnie

    Consider Setting Up a Battle Mode Server in CN Region

    I am very pleased that Taleworlds recently opened up custom battle servers in Europe and North America. Battle mode is definitely the most anticipated game mode, I asked @NIN3 several times if it could open a similar server in East Asia, only to be told that the custom server is still in a small...
  2. Resolved Multiplayer Captain Is Broken.

    ATTENTION MY FELLOW CAPTAINS OF BANNERLORD I'm sure many of you may recognize me from in game, so please bump or at least read this post. I made an account here just for this. The state of multiplayer at the moment is ridiculous. There have been multiple threads going over how queue times are...
  3. Can we play Bannerlord without Steam?

    Hello there, Dear Taleworlds and Community I have a simple question. I want to buy Bannerlord through Taleworlds directly, because my brother doesn't like Steam. So can he buy and play the game without using Steam, GoG etc. but directly through Taleworlds launcher or platform? Any help is...
  4. DarthKiller

    Suggestion General Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  5. ChristopherR

    MP Community Survey

    In response to the recent update released by TaleWorlds and definitely not their inexperienced interns
  6. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Improvements that multiplayer needs

    Hello. 1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter. Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team. The pause can...
  7. Spyware

    Does Bannerlord need more time?

    This isn't something for the devs, rather this should be discussion aimed towards all of us, the players and community of Mount and Blade. I've seen lots of diverse differing demands and people unsatisfied with the current product or its end result. In the devs' defense, it is still early access...
  8. Lucon

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    Hello to everyone! A subset of the total conversion modding community wrote an open letter from the developers of mod teams looking to create a "Multiplayer" mode in general, regarding the "Server" section in the latest "Future Plans" attached messages from Bannerlord developers about some of...
  9. Crypex

    Bannerlord meme thread

    gem gud man.
  10. Ling*

    Why "Focus Fire" Should be a top priority and implemented immediately.

    Let's start by discussing 4 major exploits with the Ai caused by the lack of Focus Fire. Exploit 1: Ranged units being drawn into an unwanted melee engagement by a single unit. -It only takes one unit to force ranged troops into switching to melee weapons, which in effect makes them unable...
  11. Nodice83

    Your typical day at Tale Worlds

    Dear Tale Worlds Staff and fellow Forumites, Despite the fact we do not always agree on everything and moods vary throughout the possible spectrum... I still believe there is nothing bad in getting to know people who actually work on M&B games. The Staff: Devs, Artists, Software Engineers, even...
  12. DennyWiseau

    How to combat Taleworlds midget fetish

    The rng creation of companions and family members on game start can be really random, especially when it comes to build/height, sometimes you get unlucky and your brother looks like that midgit -snip-. Can someone tell me how if there is a (somewhat) easy way to edit build and height myself...
  13. Golodir

    ETA on Duel?

    ? xD Xd xd XD @AVRC the hmmmng maybe 12 javs isn't too much genius @NIN3 the double agent @MArdA TaleWorlds the one that doesn't do his job @Callum the skared guy that ran away to reddit cuz can't handle pressure from TRYHARD PLAYERS
  14. swally0ne

    Big Question: Workshops, Hides and Horses?!

    Greetings Mount&Bladers, I have a question related to the workshop production of hides in town. Related to the .xml file which could be found here (<[Bannerlord install dir]\Modules\Sandbox\ModuleData\spworkshops.xml>) hides are exclusively produced with hog, sheep and cows. When you slaughter...
  15. i need away around the battle-eye batch file taleworlds forces me to install

    my windows will not run batch files. hell my windows wont even bring up the command console when i tell it. i bought this game at release and havent been able to play it for the last 6 months because of this issue. no im not going to reinstall windows as this is really the only thing its ever...
  16. Noelly

    Resolved Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Belli Hatalar(Sorunlar) ve Çözümleri

    Merhaba sizlere hem kendi çözümlemiş olduğum hemde başka kullanıcıların çözümlemiş olduğu, Hataların çözümlerini bir araya topladım. Aşağıdaki çözümler işinize yaramadıysa aldığınız hatayı yorum olarak bırakın yardımcı olmaya çalışırım. Yeni hatalar ve çözümleri oldukça güncellenecektir. Oyun...
  17. Gerrodot


    I am sorry for my bad english. Dear friends, I understand that my claim may seem insignificant or strange to someone, but why cut off such trifles I don't understand 1. As you remember, in Warband on the campaign map and dialogues, not only names are reflected, but also titles of lords (count...
  18. Sir Servius

    BL Other A few questions about what will be possible with the modding tools

    Hi, wanted to start a thread where I could put down some questions I have had floating around in my noggin in regards to the modding tools coming out soon. Hoping someone from Taleworlds or someone in the know can answer at least some of the following questions: Will units that "fly" be...
  19. CeyXiong

    Son Güncellemeden Sonra Skirmish Echerion Haritası Bozuldu!

    Echerion haritasının parlaklık, yansıma gibi birçok şeyi son güncellemeden sonra bozuldu işte resimleri: En altta gördüğünüz resimde nişangahın olduğu yerde bir düşman okçusu var, ve evet görünmüyor. Bir el atarsanız sevinirim. Teşekkürler. Kolay gelsin :) ... @MArdA TaleWorlds
  20. CeyXiong

    Kalkan Glitch'i

    Ne zamandır açacağım bu konuyu aklımdan çıkıyor. Bir veya birden fazla düşmanla savaşırken tam düşmanın size vurduğu anda silah değiştirirmeye çalışırsanız karakterimiz silahı değiştirmiyor, üstelik kalkanı da sırtına alıyor. Başka bir sorunu da dile getireyim: Elimizde diyelim ki arbalet olsun...
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