1. Jarl Malcolm

    TaleWorlds Coronavirus Measures

    I saw the news, published today by TaleWorlds, but no thread to discuss it. So here it is. https://www.taleworlds.com/en/News/321 TLDR: They are working from home, the 31st of March EA release is maintained.
  2. WaterPolio

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Giveaway

    Hello everyone! I’m the head admin of a server called Napoleonic Role Play, and in celebration of our group moving to Bannerlord we’ve decided to give away a free copy of bannerlord! How to enter the give away? Entering the give away is easy, just go to https://giv.gg/Dj0VSW and then follow the...
  3. Congratulations, Taleworlds!

    I have been a loyal fan of your franchize for about 6 years now and all I have to say is Thank You for the joy I had throughout the years. Warband was a masterpiece and it still is, and the community you have created is amazing and very talented! (I'm looking at all of the modders :) ) I am so...
  4. Kayhan


    Do you think the Game will have something like the Warband Cheat Menu? As far we have seen in one of their older footages, they used health cheats which just like in their older games.
  5. Bloc

    New Forum Theme - Step by Step Guide ( Both Dark and Light Theme )

    Hi everyone, Since you all requested old forum colors instead of the current forum theme, I made something for you. I tried to be as loyal as possible to old colors, while trying to keep the new modern look of the Forum. However, there are some things you need to know before, This is not an...
  6. Callum

    Forum Bug/Issue/Error Reporting

    If you experience any issues with the website or forums, please leave a detailed report of the problem in this thread. Any supporting evidence, such as a screenshot, would be extremely useful to us for tracking the issue down and fixing it!
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