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Dear Tale Worlds Staff and fellow Forumites,

Despite the fact we do not always agree on everything and moods vary throughout the possible spectrum... I still believe there is nothing bad in getting to know people who actually work on M&B games. The Staff: Devs, Artists, Software Engineers, even the Managers :wink: etc. - everyone who feels the feedback from this forum is at least 'sometimes relevant' and welocme (or just everyone ^_^).

I am sure everybody on this forum would be interested to know more about and from the Tale Worlds Core Team members - who work on Bannerlord. Not all of the 264,583 users have been here ever since so i thought that getting to know you guys would be something super interesting. I see some useres are familiar with to whom they may adress some topics, ideas and observations but in the same time there is plenty of us (including myself) that are groping in the dark sometimes.

My proposal for such an itroduction:

1. How long have you been working at TW ?
2. What are your areas of expertise ? (e.g. UI, AI, diplo)
3. My typical day at TaleWorlds (whatever you feel comfortable with - so no confidentiality agreements are broken :wink:).

We often criticize the game or the progress itself not knowing what you usually deal with to finally get changes implemented. Tell us please, we are humans (at least most of us), we listen, we may as well understand :wink:

P.S. @Dejan Hope it does not affect some of your HR policies :grin:

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