1. oyunu steamdan açarken çöküyor ama dosyadan açabiliyorum.

    başlıkta da söylediğim gibi oyunu steam üzerinden açamıyorum menüler bile gelmeden çöküyor ama dosyalarının içinden açabiliyorum bunu çözümünü bilen biri var mı ?
  2. Hillyboy

    Steam still shows bannerlord is running

    Hi Summary: When i quit out of M&B: Bannerlord fully by using the exit button or Alt+F4, Steam still thinks the game is running. After steam is restarted everything is working normally. No game breaking issues, Just thought i would let you know Version: Since v1.0.2, updated to v1.0.4 still...
  3. Resolved Game won't run if launched from steam (NOT GAMEBREAKING\HIGH PRIORITY)

    I have an issue where my game wouldn't launch if I launched it from steam, my only workaround this is launching "TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe" under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client" as admin. I first experienced this...
  4. Memhave

    In Progress Immediate CTD when starting launcher

  5. Shady Community Hub Bans?

    So I'll admit. I'm shocked. Never have I been banned from a community forum. Heck, I imagine you have to do some serious stuff, like the usage of racial slurs. Or spamming threads. Or something of that nature. Not because of 'ideology'. What? Didn't make a single thread, posted both against...
  6. Resolved Steam thinks Bannerlord is still running

    Twice now I've closed out Bannerlord, once forcefully and once normally, and it just won't quit. This is the time I quit normally, I left it for 2 hours, and Steam still thinks it's running. Last time I got it to fully quit by closing Steam, so I don't think it's the game itself, but I don't...
  7. Eleonora2186

    Steam achievements

    Do we know if steam achievements will be available?
  8. TerolKont

    Steam Achievements

    It is clear that many elements in early access were not completely different from warband and showed similarity. I think some players like me, need some purpose to continue this early access journey. I now it will be added following months, and right now game has bigger issues with performance...
  9. badx

    Resolved Cloud Save Eklenmeli

    Oyuna Steam Cloud Save sisteminin eklenmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Kendi adıma konuşmak gerekirse, oyunun bazen kendi sistemimde bazen Gforce Now üzerinden oynamak istiyorum. Mevcut optimizasyon problemleri savaşlarda, kale kuşatmalarında ciddi fps düşüşleri yaşatıyor. Gforce Now'dan oynarken...
  10. smothdude

    Closing the Game doesn't... Close the Game

    Whenever I close the game (or it crashes), the game doesn't actually close on steam so I cannot re-launch the game without restarting steam. Is anyone else having this issue?
  11. Need More Info Bug Reports -

    Here is the The Massive List of Bugs listed on steamcommunity by players..
  12. Buying from TaleWorlds or Steam

    Hello warriors, What is better for TaleWorlds buying from their website directly or from Steam? Or is there no difference?
  13. i just created this new account to ask ist so hard to have TaleWorlds to change the timer on Steam?

    seriously? Ist so hard to change it? maybe it is hard. but as a gamer and consumer, its not really my part to worry about.
  14. Lyrdione

    Epic Games ve Steam Fiyatları

    Farklı mı olacak? Epic Games üzerinde kaç TL ye satılacak bilgisi olan var mı?
  15. Sid-S

    Steam related questions for Bannerlord

    Hi there, I'm very new to this forum, and I have actually just signed up for this question. I have owned Warband for many years and spent way too much time playing that game. I was highly anticipating the new Bannerlords game when I saw that it was coming a day early (OMG yes!) though my...
  16. AlbertTheRunt


    Taleworlds our mighty gods have graced us with and early release and even a 20% discount. They promised us this on a steam post. I read through the post and can't help but to wonder. It says that Campaign and Custom battle will be available. Campaign doesn't sound like the sandbox formula from...
  17. Bjarkan

    Steam Page showing only Singleplayer

    I was wondering why the Bannerlord Steam Page is only showing that it is a Singleplayer game...
  18. Ser Madeye

    Bannerlord around the corner, time to make new friends!

    Greetings everyone! 🛡🗡 As everyone knows bannerlord is just around the corner, and we'll soon get to play the real thing *insert corona joke here*, and as i was viewing my own steam profile i realised that the amount of friends on my friends list is embarrassingly low, so i thought that it...
  19. Unresolved Warband demo sending me to steam store page of warband

    Hey all. I have a new laptop that runs league of legends and other free games on steam fine. I wanted to try the demo for warband, but every time i go to launch it just sends me to the steam store page. Laptop is a MSI ps63 modern so i think it should be able to run it. Not getting any errors or...
  20. ulufarkas

    Steam Collection Cards and Badges

    Will Bannerlord include collection cards and badges avail on steam? Will they be able during early access? Any information?
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