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Could you please try to look into this issue? I have my Total Conversion mod "Hungary". I have just updated it for 1.1.5 and 1.2.0 branch but somehow the steam works upload breaks the mod (same behaviour in both versions). When I distribute it as a normal zip file which is copied into the modules directory the mod works without any issues. The crash happens during the start of new game and it point to "cannot find navmesh id / null exception" ... I can provide crash report and debug lines if it helps.
Here is the link to the mod:

Hungary mod on Nexus

Something must be broken either when the mod is published in the Modkit or during the upload to steam workshop. Could you please take a look at this?

This is the link:
Hungary mod Steam Link

Currently the last working version is on steam for Bannerlord 1.0.3 (which is not crashing). Let me know if you want me to push the version for 1.1.5 or 1.2.3 (which are crashing after publish/upload).

PS - if this will be required I will probably prefer to create a new Dev workshop item for publishing testing. It seems Steam workshop has limits in change reverts and I don't have offline copy of (so I would not be able to revert to it).
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It would be great if you can switch to 1.1.5 and send us a crash id after a crash so that we can take a look.
I have uploaded a new worshop entity for 1.1.5 testing. This is the steam workshop link:

The crash report is:

Here is some debug info:

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