1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Retreat order should prevent same groups of troops from spawning in a replacment.

    I retreat all the useless troops so they don't get wasted in battle and can be numbers boosting security in a garrison, which is all they're good for. But in large battles more will just keep spawning in, what's more they seem sometimes to be confused and retreat in a direction that puts them in...
  2. Enemies should surrender instead of fleeing and die

    Half of the battles duration is chasing enemies at the end. This is not fun. I already suggested npc being able to fight back Now I suggest that enemies should decide surrender (individually and as a group) under certain circumstances. They should decide whether to flee or surrender in order...
  3. Fleeing troops should defend themselves and fight back

    I would like to have fleeing troops being more active in protecting themselves. The way it works now gives no challenge or fun in killing routing troops and yet it represents a significant percentage of the total battle duration. That said, think a simple and good solution would be allowing...
  4. Resolved Defending siege retreat abuse

    Being able to retreat while deflecting an enemy siege allows players to win vs any number of soldiers. For example, killing 40 men with a ballista and then retreating repeated 30 times can allow you to win a battle 1 vs 1200.
  5. Apocal

    The AI should retreat and autocalc throwing hundreds of dice is bad.

    "Discretion is the better part of valor." A lot of stuff is still janky or under development or imbalanced, but it would really, really help if the AI didn't suffer absolute stackwipes constantly. Up front: I'm aware the AI does sometimes break away from bad autocalc fights occasionally. My...
  6. Beau Vine

    In Progress Units order to retreat do a duicide charge instead.

    Pressed 1-F1-F5, 2-F1-F5. Took cav to the enemy. After a minute or two of the retreat (half of which was the game freezing), the archers decided they should exit the battlefield on the other side of the map and jogged right at charging enemy infantry. Autosaved it twice, not an issue, just funny.
  7. Retreating/Routing: archers and cavalry should do it more often.

    Infantry tend to rout while archers, cavalry, and horse archers tend to fight to the death. Maybe it's time to do something about this. A typical example: It looks and feels ridiculous to see infantry try (and fail miserably) to run away while auxiliary units far away from the action, who can...
  8. Retreating from a Sally Out

    Currently (1.3.1) when the settlement you are in is raided, you can Sally Out to meet the attackers, If you then retreat all your troops and retreat via the TAB menu, the game forces you to do another Sally Out battle instead of allowing you to resume the siege. This seems wrong, you should be...
  9. Need More Info Khuzait_castle_002: AI drawn to wall near keep, Talking very fast.

    Summary: retreating ai run into wall near keep until there is a small crowd and they are killed or battle is won. After the battle when camera is close to them it sound like many, many voices speaking (maybe as many as died or retreated in battle) How to Reproduce: Khuzait_castle_002 custom...
  10. Holy Shift

    AI Does Unnecessary Tactical Retreats.

    They lose to much troops when they try to unite their troops falling back.
  11. So, about looters

    1.1.2 main branch I'm in the early game riding around solo when I run into a group of 15 looters. Fine, I can probably handle this. Issue 1: Out of the 15 looters, more than 10 of them are throwing rocks. That's just too much, and by the end of the battle, my horse is down - from rocks...
  12. Shanglion


    If you leave the battle area you should be able to retreat. If I'm able to outrun them you should let me leave.
  13. Improvement to the retreating AI

    This will be a short post, but I think that the AI that are retreating should be more defensive than they currently are. Right now they are like sitting ducks for the winning side, as they will not retaliate or try to defend themselves when retreating from battle. I personally find it an easy...
  14. Jetsk

    Retreat exploit

    Greetings, When you face enemies in a field battle, you can basically let all non-ranged troops retreat and only fight with (mounted) archers. They'll kill plenty of enemies while the enemies advancing towards your troops. If the enemies are about to reach your troops soon, you can simply ride...
  15. MightyMidgit

    Call for Retreat, and your troop run INTO the enemy?

    When you call for retreat, your troop run towards the edge of the map, but there seems to be no logic which edge they head for. Quite often they will run to the FURTHEST edge of the map instead of the closest, or run relatively towards they enemy instead of the exact opposite direction. Try it...
  16. DukeDunac

    Clan/Kingdom Banners should provide morale bonuses

    If your banner stays up, troops should be less likely to rout. If you are losing the battle and the banner falls, troops should be more likely to break, unless another soldier picks up the banner within a certain amount of time.
  17. iazlur

    Glitch to win every battles

    Hi, I just started a game 4 hours ago and I got more 500k in realistic. It's too easy. I maked 3 brewery first (+800). So, I maked only bowman. First, I make my bowman in flat and easy flank on the map and I shoot fire at will. When I maked like 10 kills, I press tab, retreat and restart the...
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