Fleeing troops should defend themselves and fight back

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I would like to have fleeing troops being more active in protecting themselves. The way it works now gives no challenge or fun in killing routing troops and yet it represents a significant percentage of the total battle duration. That said, think a simple and good solution would be allowing troops to block attacks while fleeing and also fight back in certain cases.
For example, fleeing troops:
  • Should be able to defend themselves if the attack comes from the front (~180º radius);
  • Will give a "free hit" to the attacker from the back, if that hit doesn't kill them that troop can turn around and defend itself;
  • Allow the attacker two weapon attacks before deciding to fight back (e.g.: you hit a fleeing troop from the back, that troop turns around and defends the second attack, after that, that troop is allowed to strike back and try to kill you/other npc, if the fleeing troop wins then he keeps retreating)
  • Should be able to regroup. Regrouping could happen close to the edge of the map, troops could quickly for a defensive line if enough friendly troops are around and the enemy is far or has lower strength in the area (considering numbers, tier and weapon type).
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