Call for Retreat, and your troop run INTO the enemy?

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When you call for retreat, your troop run towards the edge of the map, but there seems to be no logic which edge they head for. Quite often they will run to the FURTHEST edge of the map instead of the closest, or run relatively towards they enemy instead of the exact opposite direction. Try it. Start a battle with a few troops and tell them to retreat. I bet you theywill not run away from the enemy but to the side or sometimes a direction forward to get intercepted by the enemy.

There need to be some intelligence in retreat. Perhaps when calling retreat, you can choose a direction for retreat. That way, you can determine how safe the retreat will be, or if it is only a tactical retreat. And, if you make a mistake in retreat, its on you, not on the stupid AI killing your units because they retreated into an archer wall.
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