Need More Info Khuzait_castle_002: AI drawn to wall near keep, Talking very fast.

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Summary: retreating ai run into wall near keep until there is a small crowd and they are killed or battle is won. After the battle when camera is close to them it sound like many, many voices speaking (maybe as many as died or retreated in battle)
How to Reproduce
: Khuzait_castle_002 custom battle, play as attacker and lose zoom in camera to spot shown in screen (repeatable)
Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Khuzait_castle_002 (level 3)
Media (Screenshots & Video): both
Version: e3.1.0 beta
Installed community-made modifications: n/a
Computer Specs
OS: win10 x64
GPU: 1060gtx
CPU: 6700hq
RAM: 16gb
Motherboard: gl702vm
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 670 evo SSD

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Community Support
Hello, thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, we were unable to respond to this thread when it was first created. We believe the issue may have been resolved since the creation of this topic. If you are currently experiencing this issue with the latest live or beta versions of the game, please update this thread so we can forward this issue to the team for investigation.
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