1. Beta-branch naming

    Hi, I really appreciate the hard work and constant effort put forth by the developers who have been very fast in releasing new versions. But I am having a hard time understanding the different naming schemes for the branches. In the e1.1.0 Release Notes it was mentioned that there will be the...
  2. How to gain honour

    Is it possible to become more honourable? I have seen honour loss from executions but I haven't seen it yet from (for example) releasing lords. This may just be because that process is a lot slower though.
  3. Console release info???

    Is there any information on when I’d be able to pre-order the console version? I saw quite a lot of sources saying it is releasing on consoles
  4. UIE First Citizen

    Will Bannerlords be releasing on gog ?

    So i have my mount and blade collection on gog and i am wondering when bannerlords will be available on gog when it finally releases ? Thanks for the info, Cheers,
  5. Random Question

    Am I totally missing something or is this game not available on console? Everything I read said that it would be released today on PC and all major consoles.
  6. Honest Question

    Also another question, how can I purchase the game in such a way where Taleworlds gets as little as possible of my money?
  7. Ser Madeye


    Harvesting season is almost upon us! ⚔🛡