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European Groupfighting Tournament

Taking the opportunity of ongoing native tournament and therefore some small activity increase on the competitive scene we've decided to try to host a groupfighting tourney. Having in mind all the issues with the previous 3v3 tournament and community suggestions we'd like to offer you a 2v2 format. To make it easier to form a team for people that could be potentially interested in taking part in probably the last tournament of this kind but struggle to find a teammate on their own there will be a special table bellow this post with all free agents that are looking for a partner.​


1. The matches are consisted in a 2 vs 2 format.
2. Each match will consist of FT10 x2 with a faction swap of the teams choice of which faction they decide to play.
3. § 1. If there is a tie breaker, there will be a final FT5 and the team to win that final set will progress forward.
§ 2. Tie breaker set has to be played on swadia.
4. Looting the other teams weapons and shield is not permitted. Doing so could end up in points deduction or disqualification.
5. Whatever your name is that you sign up with you must play as, that includes the tag.
6. Team names must be appropriate.
7. Each team will be requested to post a screenshot of the final result.
8. § 1. If there is any suspected cheating there will be a pause in the match and ID'S will be checked before it can continue.
§ 2. If a team is caught cheating the team will be immediatly withdrew from the tournament.
9. Only 1000 gold gear is allowed, no upgrades, polearms or two handed weapons.
10. No throwing weapons are allowed.
11. § 1. Each match you face you will have a deadline, you must play this match before the deadline ends.
§ 2. If both teams don't show up for the match and can't prove their willingness to play the appointed game with proper screenshots they will be removed from the tourney.
§ 3. In special cases deadline for individual matches can be extended.
12. Team can consist of 2 players at most.

Team name: Tag: Players in your team: Captains steam link:

Free agent Name: Steam link:

Tournament Administration:

All the matches should be played on one of the WRC servers or on AE_Warband

Special thanks to Shovenio for letting us to use his post's and tournaments's rules format and to M for restarting AE_Warband and letting us to use it for the tournament purposes.


Team NamePlayersSteam Link

Free Agents:


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